Top Data Center in India— World’s largest Data Center

LIVEMNC Data Center™ A rock solid infrastructure for your critical data and a global business partner.

LIVEMNC Data Center™ Provides secure, reliable, high-performance cloud-enabled data center solutions to support the mission-critical IT infrastructure requirements of leading companies.

LIVEMNC Data Center combines Asia-Pacific insight and best-in-class data centre design to power the companies transforming the world. we use our regional expertise to build hyperscale data centres that are more cost-effective, scalable and available. LIVEMNC Data Centers, providing the best data centre in the india for enterprise clients requiring Cloud hosting, private Data Halls, or Colocation solutions. We design, develop and operate some of the world’s most flexible and scalable data centers.
LIVEMNC Data Centers offer secure, dedicated access to multiple leading cloud solutions. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)- Get back to business faster with DRaaS orchestration and automation that delivers industry-leading RTOs (recovery time objectives) with near-instant failover and redundant connectivity to one of our 7 geographically dispersed India data centers.
LIVEMNC is the Enterprise and Wholesale Data Centre Campus, Dedicated and Cloud Server Located Everywhere, Worldwide. Intelligent infrastructure with ultimate visibility in the right locations for the world’s most sophisticated data center users. Hyperscale data centres, connect anywhere and everywhere- Global connectivity to the services that power your business. The most secure, efficient and innovative data center in the world. A Trusted, Reliable, Resilient and Responsible Data Centre Provider.

The Global Data Center and Service Delivery Platform— Powered by LIVEMNC Data Center

Industry’s Largest Partner Network, A High-Performance Environment for Your Critical IT Infrastructure. Offering enterprise colocation hosting solutions to meet almost any requirement.

LIVEMNC Data Center is a global leader in colocation and digital infrastructure solutions. Offering a complete suite of power, space, interconnection, bare metal, and remote management solutions, livemnc software-defined platform and highly interconnected ecosystem allow for on-demand provisioning of in house and partner solutions and provides enterprises with the foundation they need to modernize their IT infrastructure and compete in today’s digital world.
LIVEMNC Data Center offer servers include : Server Management and Application Monitoring, Network Traffic Monitoring, Network Engineering Support, Firewall Management, Backup Management and Remote Hand Support. livemnc ata center fullfills need for sustainable development, its energy-efficient facilities improve efficiency with highest level of quality. It is the best choice for data centre services, providing you with long-term stability and highest degree of flexibility.
LIVEMNC Data Center offers enterprise hosting and data center services including managed hosting services, cloud services, colocation, content delivery, utility computing, network security services, utility computing and virtual services offerings, professional services, VPN and data networking integration and more. By virtualizing your companies colocation, storage or disaster recovery into a public, hybrid or private cloud, your infrastructure becomes more manageable by being more scalable and secure with a much lower cost.

LIVEMNC Data Center™ Colocation Services—, certified, and focused on your success—

We’ll stack our data center ops teams up against anybody’s. Our technicians work with you to ensure a consistent, future-proof environment for your infrastructure. livemnc specialises in hosting High Performance Computing. Our data centres provide the perfect environment for deployments of any size. livemnc offers a wide range of flexible colocation solutions to meet your requirements.   Read more—

LIVEMNC Data Center™ global infrastructure—

LIVEMNC Data Center™ is a professional IDC service teams to provide you with convenient, high-quality services across the globe. The stability of our global network is one stop service platform are our cornerstone to provide global customers with safe, reliable and stable IDC services and solutions.

Discover a new world of sustainable, trusted cloud infrastructure with LIVEMNC Data Center™

Datacenter Services in India

LIVEMNC Data Center- Has been providing data center services its in India- (Mumbai Data Center | Delhi, Noida NCR Data Center | Jaipur Sitapura Data Center | Hyderabad, Telangana Data Center | Karnataka, Bangalore Data Center), United States, USA- (California Data Center), and Europe, (Germany based data center).
LIVEMNC Data Center™ world’s class Datacenter is designed to exceed Tier III specifications, hosting up to 14,000 high-power racks in 4 independent datacenters. Situated on a 5-acre datacenter campus, ideally located for critical systems operations, the datacenter is purpose-built from the ground up to deliver high efficiencies. Our data center project has a Server-Out design, which aids in delivering increased availability and higher energy efficiency. It can accommodate 15KW per rack and deliver five times more capacity per rack as compared to traditional datacenters.
Take advantage of multilayered security across physical datacentres, infrastructure and operations with livemnc. Help protect your business assets and data with industry-leading physical security systems and a comprehensive portfolio of compliance offerings and privacy standards. Co-location and dedicated hosting are some of the additional services that brings to the table. Another premium service that it offers to enterprise customers is Remote Hands and Eyes Support, which aids in reducing the cost of sending an engineer onsite.

Disaster Recovery Services

Limit the impact of interruptions to data, applications, and infrastructure with DRaaS.
Backup services for cloud, hybrid IT and on-premises- Best-in-class data protection and management solutions include secure, scalable, and reliable backup services.
Create a disaster recovery (DR) plan around the right recovery solution for your business. Our customized disaster recovery services (DRaaS) help ensure resiliency for your data, applications, and infrastructure, minimizing the impact of unexpected interruptions.
Protection for physical servers and more types of VMs- Enable business continuity quickly and securely with replication to a secondary location. Protect non-virtualized physical servers on your premises or colocated in a livemnc facility, as well as multiple types of virtual servers.
Hybrid IT cloud recovery service- livemnc protects Hyper-V and VMware VMs, as well as physical environments, regardless of underlying hardware. Our flexible and scalable solution allows you to build and deploy the optimal site recovery option for your critical assets.
Backup Services- Protect against data loss and help ensure your data is available when you need it. New backup technologies offer lower data loss and shorter recovery times, and meet security and compliance requirements. Choose the right backup solution for your business.

Performance with less latency

LIVEMNC Data Center Global network- Give your business a powerful and resilient backbone. Enable a wide range of enterprise and consumer services with a highly available, secure and agile network.
Explore ultra-low-latency access for your large data and connectivity requirements with livemnc Network Zone providing compute, storage and services such as containers at the edge. Enable fast and scalable performance for all your apps and services. The livemnc global network backbone connects hundreds of network POPs and data centers to support massive enterprise and consumer services.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware protection- LIVEMNC offers powerful solutions to protect your business from ransomware attacks and other threats.
Availability for all your cloud, virtual and physical workloads Quickly achieve fast, flexible, reliable backup, archival, recovery and replication.
We believe secure backup is your last line of defense against ransomware. We having a reliable backup can be the difference between downtime, data loss and paying a costly ransom.  livemnc is the leader in backup and reliable recovery options on premises and in the cloud, offering the most-effective recovery options in the industry.

24/7/365 monitoring

We provide 24/7/365 monitoring by trained professionals to ensure the security of your IT data center infrastructure. livemnc Data Centers is dedicated to ensuring the high levels of security and compliance your business needs. With a 100% power uptime SLA for all customers with primary and redundant power circuits, as well as a 99.999% uptime SLA. our top priority is the reliability and well-being of your IT Infrastructure.

Delivering the World’s Largest Data Center Platform

LIVEMNC Data Center™ World’s Largest, Most Advanced Data Center Campus— accelerates data-driven digital transformation delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that enable the world’s leading enterprises and service providers.

Jaipur Data Center

LIVEMNC™ Provide highly-available Data Center Services in Jaipur

Delhi Data Center

LIVEMNC™ Provide highly-available Data Center Services in Delhi

Mumbai Data center

LIVEMNC™ Provide highly-available Data center services in Mumbai

United States- USA Data Center

LIVEMNC™ Provide highly-available Data Center Services in USA

Europe- Germany Data Center

LIVEMNC™ Provide highly-available Data Center Services in Europe

Bangalore Data Center

LIVEMNC™ Provide highly-available Data center services in Karnataka

Migrate everything from everywhere—

Your IT team doesn’t perform dozens of data center migrations a year— nor should they. It’s not their job. Fortunately, it’s ours.

We can flawlessly move your infrastructure and workloads from one or more environments into livemnc data centers and any cloud. No downtime required. A good preparation and collaboration with the right partners is therefore an important prerequisite.
That’s because a data centre migration accounts for the move of IT systems, workloads, applications, and infrastructure from one operating environment to one or more new target environments, e.g., private/public cloud, colocation facilities, edge location, or an owned and operated data centre.
The following stories outline the benefits, potential pitfalls and types of data centre migrations and tips on migrations. Our specialists will take inventory of your hardware, software, current layout, backups and workloads on the current systems. Together we will discuss what the desired situation. Based on this we will develop a tailormade plan. The different phases of such a migration process are as follows:

Hosting Solutions

Whether you need 1-10, 100 or 1000+ racks, we are ready to supply you a world-class hosting within the fastest industry lead times. Benefit from scalability with unsurpassed Space, Power, Connectivity, Security and Customer Service.

Data Centre Services

Tier 3 enterprise-grade data centre based in India. Our world-class Indian-based data centre provides bespoke services to help get you up and running, support your live operations and help optimise what matters the most to your business.

Cloud & Hybrid IT Solutions

Get Consistent Infrastructure and Operations with livemnc Hybrid Cloud Solutions. Indian VPS and VDS Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi Cloud Solutions with 24x7x365 Support. Cloud Strategies, Colocation and Connectivity Services. Speak to one of our experts today.

Dedicated Server Pricing— Powered by LIVEMNC DATA CENTER™

Let us know if you need a custom dedicated server configuration— we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Reliably powering your IT infrastructure without compromise

We’re exploring new ways to reduce energy consumption every day. Our standard design utilizes the following energy efficient features:
– Energy Star certified high-efficiency double-conversion UPS systems
– Chillers with integral water side economizer
– Computer Room Air-Handler (CRAH) units with high-efficient ECM fans
– Energy recovery type Direct Outside Air-System (DOAS) units
LIVEMNC Data Center offers nearly 1GW of critical IT capacity with N+1 redundancy across all systems for uninterrupted operations. We provide flexible densities within data modules and seek green power sources wherever possible.
Cooling system designed for maximum energy efficiency complete with free cooling capability designed & built in day one.
Our data centers are designed to cool your critical technology efficiently and economically. Our climate-neutral and environmentally-friendly closed-loop, air-cooled chiller system maximizes heat rejection as it minimizes water use and pollution.
An excess amount of heat, however, presents a number of problems for a data centre facility. Computing equipment that overheats could cause downtime, loss of data, or even a complete system meltdown – all negative effects in an industry that thrives on reliability.
Bringing instantly scalable, always available connectivity to users and applications everywhere.
LIVEMNC Data Center delivers software-driven networking solutions that help IT departments everywhere deliver the ultimate business outcome: stronger connections with customers, partners and employees.
LIVEMNC Data Center networks, computation and management, the integrated data center solution genuinely enables high availability, high reliability, high performance, high scalability and high manageability of IT systems; and automated scheduling and adaptiveness of services.
livemnc is an integrated network management solution that facilitates efficient and hassle-free network management. It empowers network/IT admins to simultaneously perform multiple operations such as Network performance monitoring, Bandwidth analysis, Configuration management, Firewall management, Storage Monitoring, IP Address Management (IPAM) and Switch Port management.
Data Center Safety and Health. Maximum uptime. Highest energy efficiency. Full scalability. Utmost security and safety. The stakes are high, and challenges are manifold for data center infrastructure managers. We do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global services for optimized sustainability, security, fire safety and reliable performance day in, day out, around the clock.
Safety in a data centre there are some key process that must be considered include:
– Fire suppression systems
– UPS Battery Charging Facilities
– Heat
– Noise
– Arc Flash
– Fuel storage and handling
– Chemical exposures
– Work at Heights
Data center security encompasses the practices and preparation that keep a data center secure from threats, attacks, and unauthorized access.
Protect your data from ransomware— We can help to protect your organization from ransomware and other types of malware. While you work, our servers automatically back up your critical data. So when accidents happen if your computer crashes or gets stolen you can be up and running again in seconds.
Security is part of our data centers’ DNA. We custom-build servers exclusively for our data centers, never selling or distributing them externally. And our industry-leading security team works 24/7 around the globe making our facilities one of the safest places for your data to live.
Our rigorous policies meet or exceed industry standards. On-site security personnel patrol 24x7x365, supported by CCTV cameras throughout our campuses. A tiered security zone architecture with increasing levels of authorization and access must be satisfied before entering the main data center area. Plus, a multitude of certifications offer self-evident proof of our commitment to helping you achieve your compliance and audit requirements.
LIVEMNC Connected Security delivers a Zero Trust data center architecture with advanced threat management that extends visibility, intelligence, and enforcement beyond the traditional firewall. With centralized management, policy enforcement, and analytics, Juniper’s data center security solution keeps applications and microservices secure and distributed across physical data centers, private clouds, and public cloud environments simultaneously.
LIVEMNC Data Center™ is a leading Backup provider for forward-thinking businesses. We combine advanced infrastructure and technology solutions with experienced people and innovative product options. Without a professional backup solution, you risk data loss, business downtime, compliance issues, and reputation damage.
The livemnc advantage is based on flexibility, customisation, and excellence, with all products and services tailored to your specific business needs.
Flexibility – The freedom to choose your own data backup solutions, including full remote backup and virtual machine (VM) services.
Customisation – Leverage any mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud delivery models to meet your unique business needs.
Monitering – Depend on our trusted experts to protect your data assets and ensure business continuity.
Industry best Uptime SLA 99.995% uptime— Systems reliability is your credibility in the marketplace.
99.995% uptime equals 27 minutes of downtime per year or less. But what it really means is the level of credibility your company has in the marketplace. Multiple diverse fiber paths keep your colocation gear online. Guaranteed.
LIVEMNC private 100-Gbps global IPv6 backbone provides ultra-high reliability, low-latency, QoS, DDoS protection, and unparalleled performance. It features multiple redundant connections to major networks and fiber carriers around the world. Redundancies upon redundancies allow us to route around outages and provide 100% uptime SLAs.
Our onsite experts focus on physical and logical security to deliver an uncompromising level of security 24x7x365 from the property perimeter to the data center floor. Security and compliance are essential for today’s data-centric enterprises and federal agencies and it’s never been a compromise for us.
We provide our customers with a wide range of cost-effective, reliable managed services. Our professional team handles the day-to-day operations and provides support services to our customers around the clock.
Our dedicated customer support team are online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our support team is made up of experienced professionals, fully trained. We provide native language support for customers. 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) available by phone or email.
We are committed to support you unconditionally in your online presence with our fail-proof technical assistance and to align our full range of dedicated server management services with your ambitions. Our web hosting solutions are highly adaptable and supervised by well-qualified experts.
In the hyperscale edge market, the livemnc support team provides its customers cloud-first products and services to scale digital infrastructure at the digital edge. Data Center™ Bare metal platform is an attractive alternative to public cloud environments, providing the financial and operational flexibility of cloud with the control, performance and security of enterprise grade dedicated infrastructure.
Boosting performance, control and customer experience for global hospitality technology leader, Tevalis, with livemnc Enterprise Bare Metal. Enterprises satisfy cloud-first mandates and pass security audits by deploying private clouds on livemnc Enterprise Bare Metal. Create or extend VLANs from your colo infrastructure to the platform to create extensible hybrid environments.
LIVEMNC™ Enterprise Bare Metal offers the security, control and performance of dedicated colocation infrastructure in an on-demand model that’s perfect for seamlessly extending your existing colo environment or rapid expansion into new markets without the burden of capital expenditures, lengthy implementation cycles, depreciating assets, or adding to local staff.
LIVEMNC Data Center Disaster Recovery solutions— Minimizes downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery and cloud-based applications using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery.
IT disaster recovery is a portfolio of policies, tools, and processes used to recover or continue operations of critical IT infrastructure, software, and systems after a natural or human-made disaster.
Disaster recovery is an organization’s method of regaining access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after events like a natural disaster, cyber attack. Be proactive with your disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and data loss, whether you are replicating to an on-premise DR site or the cloud.
Get complete data and infrastructure protection with one integrated solution for any environment on-premises, in remote systems, or the cloud. In the event of disaster, quickly failover and run in Acronis Cloud. Ensure instant availability with quick failover to the cloud, making your infrastructure resilient and cost-efficient. Effortless cloud-based Cyber Disaster Recovery for Acronis Cyber Protect.

LIVEMNC Data Center™— Best in class data center solutions tailored to meet your industry’s specific needs

LIVEMNC Data Center is a world class data centers for you in 20 markets, and 3 multi-tenant cloud pods, connected by a coast-to-coast network. Go fast, spend less, and be free with livemnc Cross Cloud services. Innovate Faster in a Multi-Cloud World. Fits with your environment. Deploy as a cloud service. Local expertise around the globe.
LIVEMNC Data Center is the regional provider of data center and connectivity services in the India, United States and Germany. We do this on a carrier and cloud independent basis, because we want to offer you the best service possible. We help move your IT system to our data center and support you in connecting to the cloud. With our solutions, we ensure your data is always secure, operating at optimal conditions, and with a continuous power supply.
We have competitive, fast, reliable business web hosting services providersPrivate connections to other application providers, carriers or service providers, Secure, Private and Flexible. Host your application or platform Rack, Power Connected, Secure and Reliable. we offer Scalable and custom solutions, in uniquely flexible and customer friendly packages including Ultra-secure facilities, protecting and connecting data applications.
A world-class, global data center operator that provides deeply connected and intelligently automated infrastructure to businesses around the world– enabling them to scale faster, meet rising consumer expectations and gain a competitive edge. We work with world-class partners to bring together enterprise and the cloud in an interconnected cloud ecosystem.
Our data center ecosystem includes 7 prime colocation and interconnection hubs and hyperscale capacity facilities across 3 strategic Indian markets. We dedicate ourselves to delivering you the highest quality product and services in the market. Our data centres are designed to make it easy to move-in, operate and conduct business.
We have more than 7 years of Indian data centre management experience, serving customers including telecoms, ISP, Cloud, CDN, OTT service providers, financial services, multinational enterprises and government bodies. Scalelogix. Connectivity, Onramps and Scale. Everything you need to accelerate your business. Virtualize and automate traditional interconnection simply, in minutes. Pushing the boundaries of data center solutions.
All of our data centres have been carefully architected and engineered to provide a secure, climate-controlled environment with access to high-bandwidth Internet for hosting mission-critical applications, network equipment and web servers. We offer On-line dedicated or shared Cloud Storage, Backup and Archive solutions, so you no longer have to perform local tape backups to ensure the restoration of lost data.
LIVEMNC Database for PostgreSQL Fully managed, intelligent and scalable PostgreSQL. Innovate faster with a fully managed PostgreSQL database. Develop apps with livemnc Database for PostgreSQL solution architectures Design and implement breakthrough applications with PostgreSQL on livemnc for real-time operational analytics, high throughput transactional applications and more.
Cloud Hosting ServicesPrivate, multitenant, public cloud and on-ramps—create secure hybrid, multicloud, and edge solutions. We provide industry-leading carrier and cloud-neutral data centre services with global top 10 connectivity. We connect providers of telecommunications, cloud, ISP, CDN, OTT from local, the mainland and global with enterprises of different businesses on our Asia leading data centre ecosystem.
LIVEMNC offers managed hosting services and a suite of cloud services through data centers strategically located around the world. From dedicated and hybrid cloud solutions to fully virtualized data centers, livemnc managed hosting and cloud services are part of a complete portfolio of IT solutions.
LIVEMNC Data Center develop and operate high performance data centres for advanced computing. Inspired by hyperscale and engineered for enterprise, cloud, and AI. we deliver customised, highest-grade colocation. World class operations management providing secure, resilient and reliable best-in-class IT environments.
Data centers for livemnc, cloud providers and large enterprises. By leveraging high-speed, ultra-low latency and highly secure access to fixed, 5G and public cloud networks, livemnc data centers enable greater application performance and lower overall distribution costs as well as superior scale for operational excellence.
LIVEMNC Data Center provides professional facilities with integrated IDC service. livemnc data centres are built to provide up to 2N redundancy. This means that our power facilities are readily supported by UPS and generator backup, delivering the highest level of uptime availability.
We bring to the cloud equation by offering best-in-class data centers with networking, cloud connectivity, security, and the expertise to help you transform. Transform your IT infrastructure to capitalize on the flexibility, scalability and performance of private and hybrid clouds. Unlock the value of any cloud and accelerate the delivery of modern applications with livemnc Cloud.
The industry’s first digitized service platform helps organizations visualize, manage and optimize their data center environments. we delivers real-time actionable insights customers need to optimize their environments. Seamlessly leverage resources from hosted private clouds, multi-tenant clouds and hyperscale public clouds such as AWS and Azure. livemnc guides our clients in choosing the right cloud for each business need and optimizing cloud computing systems.
IT transformation services- Navigate Your IT Transformation and Migration- Cloud migration solutions to fit your needs. Future proof your IT transformation with a custom migration solution from trusted experts. Serving the world’s most sophisticated customers requires intelligent infrastructure with ultimate visibility in the right locations.
LIVEMNC Data Center innovates to sustainably progress the digital foundation of the connected world with a focus on enterprise class, emerging hybrid cloud technology solutions. we provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a hardware platform to deliver a fully-managed application, Our IaaS can also be used for Production, Overflow or Test/Dev requirements. Our Virtual Private Servers are delivered on HP Servers, VMWare or Hyper-V and your choice of Enterprise grade Operating Systems.
We offer highly efficient, global connectivity at a reasonable price point, Get high-density space and power in impressive facilities that keep you online. livemnc managed services and cloud solutions are only a cross-connect away. Includes space, redundant power, cooling, and cabinet-to-cabinet cross connects.
Managed services- We can manage your infrastructure for you around the clock, ensuring your applications remain accessible and performing routine tasks, such as server monitoring and alerting, patch management, and reporting. Secure and cost-effective cloud-based storage, backup and recovery of your critical information and applications.
Create modern hybrid multi-cloud IT environments that accelerate digital transformation efforts and simplify operations. We are recognized as the independent world-leader in exascale data center ecosystems, edge data center designs, industry-leading telecommunications solutions & next-generation technology innovation. We delivering the highest-performance edge-to-edge automated and intelligent colocation, networking, and interconnection services tightly-integrated with the first and last mile networks.
Dedicated server and web hosting company livemnc, global leader of dedicated web hosting and managed web cluster technology. we rapidly expanded through the scalability of its internet infrastructure, the reliability of its dedicated server management services and its managed server colocation over more than a decade. livemnc’s infrastructure is designed for and perfectly able to take on a large client portfolio, hosted on unmanaged or managed dedicated server, on public and private managed cloud servers or on a combination of platforms.
LIVEMNC Data Center is 100% carrier neutral, so can manage private and secure connections to all major cloud platforms, to assure that your business achieves the success it deserves, for hyperscale environments, colocation and hybrid cloud connectivity no matter where you are in the world.
LIVEMNC Data Center has more than 7 years’ experience in delivering best-in-class data centres. We are a pioneer of modular, flexible design and operation of highly resilient and efficient data centres.
We build and manage the best data centre in the india for clients requiring cloud hosting, private data halls or colocation. The built to exceed Tier III standards data centre. In our data center, we cater for large organisations who require bespoke data halls constructed to the highest standards through to smaller requirements for pre-built co-location.
Hybrid cloud approach provides IT flexibility to combine the right infrastructure for each workload, whether it includes a private cloud, multitenant cloud, public cloud, or on-premises private cloud. Our cloud services meet you wherever you are on your journey to realize the benefits of cloud technologies and IT transformation.
LIVEMNC Data Center is a specializes in being your partner and working to fully understand your business needs in order to craft an end to end solution that both meets your current needs and can evolve to support future goals that drive results.
Focus on application innovation, not database management, with fully managed and intelligent livemnc Database for PostgreSQL. Scale your workload quickly with ease and confidence. Enjoy high availability with a service-level agreement (SLA) up to 99.99 percent, AI-powered performance optimisation, and advanced security.
LIVEMNC Data Center provides personalized solutions and expert guidance. Integrate and securely scale your business by connecting your network, applications and data through interconnection. Take control of your IT transformation, Explore tailored solutions for your application framework, cloud infrastructure and security architecture.
High-performance, remotely operable colocation data centers on the livemnc provide hyperscale-grade consistency across markets, distributed resilience in every market, and optimal placement for your ultra low-latency compute, storage and networking equipment. livemnc focus on sustainability and efficient technologies make our exascale ecosystems the most sustainable and cost-effective colocation environment in the industry. The livemnc ecosystem empowers our clients with a myriad of options for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability and investment protection.
LIVEMNC owns and operates data centers in India, offering secure, flexible, and scalable Colocation and connectivity solutions. We have the facilities, people and expertise to partner with you to ensure infrastructure, data and operations are protected as part of your disaster recovery plan. When your business demands unparalleled agility, scalability, reliability, and performance, livemnc Data Centers’ colocation, network, and cloud services delivers results.
With livemnc Application Hosting, you gain comprehensive application expertise and enterprise-grade business infrastructure. Our platform provides greater business continuity, revenue stability, and customer satisfaction, with greater availability for mission-critical applications and data. Take advantage of livemnc Data Centers’ Application Hosting services today.
Supplement Your IT with Deployment and Monitoring Services. livemnc data centers hosted infrastructure and network solutions are fully complemented with our wide breadth of Managed Services. Not only are livemnc’s infrastructure services robust and reliable, they render your enterprise highly agile and adaptable, capable of delivering user-experiences that are un-interrupted and responsive.
LIVEMNC Data center Cloud Server provides you a virtualised service of rending IT computing resources to meet your application demands, which can be flexibly rent, quickly deploy, elastically expanded in a safe and low cost way. Cloud Server can lower the threshold for you to use IT resource and lower investment risk but offers you a high-quality, high-expanded and safe service of IT computing resources.
We bring the & to the cloud equation by offering best-in-class data centers with networking, cloud connectivity, security, and the expertise to help you transform. Scale your business by connecting to data center access, data assets, end points, network, and cloud. Create modern hybrid multi-cloud IT environments that accelerate digital transformation efforts and simplify operations. End-to-end cloud solutions designed to scale with your business.
LIVEMNC Data Center is pleased to partner with the world’s leading carrier neutral data centers both large and small to provide both upstream and downstream connectivity to application and content providers, carriers, and service providers of all kinds, as well as customers who colocate within these facilities. Carrier-Neutral Data Centers are important to global Internet infrastructure, as they allow interconnection between multiple carriers, colocation providers, and their respective customers.
Virtual private networks (VPNs) enable construction of low-cost, wide-bandwidth, multipoint networks. A high-quality VPN service for companies, using a dedicated closed network that bypasses the internet, enabling the construction of even more secure network environments for customers.
You can avail our high-end, advanced and state-of-the-art solutions from our own High Density Datacenter facilities or through On-Premise Datacenter that are managed centrally. Our Enterprise Cloud Services provide private and public clouds or a hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted on our data center. With a keen focus on the well-being of our customer’s IT infrastructure, we offer the premium managed solutions.
The computing resources that can be housed in a data centre include mainframes, ERP and Business Process servers, Mail servers, Web servers, application servers, file servers, messaging servers, storage subsystems, and network infrastructure. Applications hosted in a data centre can include financial applications, human resources applications, e-commerce applications, network operations and network-based applications.
Find a cloud-based solution that integrates with the rest of your IT infrastructure. Our Cloud Solutions include secure cloud infrastructure, cloud migrations, managed backups, object storage, and business continuity/disaster recovery. livemnc Data Centers’ hosted infrastructure and network solutions are fully complemented with our wide breadth of Managed Services. livemnc Data Centers is laser focused on delivering reliable and secure colocation services.
LIVEMNC Cloud Platform service, provided by one of the top global telecommunications providers, is a high quality cloud platform service with the flexibility to migrate a variety of business applications. Your Single source for cloud, connectivity, and colocation services. To support your business operations, we offer premium facilities with high connectivity, redundant power supply, cooling and 24/7 security systems.
Our highly reliable, highly accessible data centers can be used by clients as their own cloud service facilities. We provide public and private cloud environments as well as combinations hybrid clouds along with smart device responses that clients can use with confidence. We offer total support, from consulting through configuration, installation and operation, to give clients a cloud environment perfectly matched to their requirements.
LIVEMNC’s global scale, deep connectivity, and future-ready technology enable us to help the world’s most innovative enterprises increase agility and accelerate growth. livemnc Data Centers offers colocation, network connectivity, cloud, and managed services. Bare-metal solutions range in services hosted by public cloud providers along with colocation-based infrastructure providers and offer benefits such as customization, management simplicity, performance, and scalability.
Our high-performance data center campus was designed and constructed with more than just racks and servers in mind. Our facilities are built to make our customers feel productive and comfortable while they are on-site. Enabling us to achieve this objective are our highly flexible, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services—powered by the livemnc Datacenter.
LIVEMNC providing a secure and reliable mission-critical environment, making our Delhi- Noida NCR data center the choice of many of the world’s best-known enterprises and institutions. livemnc data center has everything your deployment needs, low-cost renewable power, efficient cooling, robust connectivity, operational excellence, convenient location, and room to grow.
LIVEMNC Data Center is India’s most trusted and highly interconnected platform of premium colocation data centres. Our data centre network provides the availability, security and reliability your business needs to succeed. livemnc is one of the best data centre companies positioned in the Indian market. providing purpose-built and carrier-neutral facilities that focus on energy efficiency and flexibility to meet customers’ requirements.
Our in-house design and construction teams will work with you to ensure a fully customized solution for your organization. Each scalable, modular colocation data center space is supported by its own redundant mechanical systems. Our skilled, on-site IT technicians provide remote hands services to keep your hardware running and reduce overhead costs.
Data Protection Services- Secure and cost-effective cloud-based storage, backup and recovery of your critical information and applications. Propelling digital transformation via public, private, and hybrid cloud access. Our high-performance cloud connectivity solutions allow enterprises to move workloads on or off premise with customized hybrid and multi cloud strategies, supporting deployments, demands and diverse needs. Private Cloud- Offering dedicated servers to a single business or a group of related businesses in a private IT structure. Private clouds provide fast, reliable, secure connectivity for moving data safely.
LIVEMNC Data Center™ is state of-the art facility with one million square feet of data center colocation space  in india. Our new highly-efficient and scalable facility will be the only data center in the region designed and built for Hyperscale Edge traffic from the ground up. livemnc provides future-ready solutions for enterprises through multi-cloud direct on-ramps and network interconnection options.
LIVEMNC Data Center system is a network of federal and regional data centers connected by redundant high-capacity backbone communication channels into a fault-tolerant cluster. livemnc data centers Company offers space within our data center sites for lease to place customer’s equipment with non typical size and power consumption, and ensures necessary protection and redundancy level on basis of reliable and secure data center infrastructure.
Manage Hybrid Cloud Services– the perfect combination of Public Cloud, Private Cloud & Dedicated Servers. Public cloud manages uncertain traffic, Private cloud avails better security and control, and Dedicated Servers enhances performance and robustness. Hybrid cloud solutions enable you to build and operate your hybrid environment with the same foundation you use today in your data center. A smarter strategy to drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud solutions.
Our datacenter services include supply of energy, emergency power and no-break facilities, extensive connectivity possibilities, large continuity and a high level of security. business continuity management- Cloud-to-cloud and server-to-cloud recovery solutions restore applications, data, and infrastructure when normal operations are disrupted, whether by a disaster, human error, cyber attack, or a planned outage. livemnc provides financial customers with a disaster recovery centre for contingency and real-time response in various emergencies.
LIVEMNC Data Center Dedicated servers— Our latest generation of Intel Core processors, our unlimited traffic and uninterrupted monitoring. the maintenance, support and even the integration of any solution on our servers are included. Our complimentary all-inclusive info-management services for managed dedicated servers ensure both experienced and inexperienced users a unique sense of freedom and availability.
LIVEMNC Data Center Managed Cloud Servers— Puts all the power of its cutting-edge infrastructure, hardware and software at your service and to your profit with managed cloud server hosting. Great stability, reliability and speed. Tightly controlled security. incomparable flexibility Included in our manged cloud hosting platform.
LIVEMNC Data Center Live video streaming Server— We offer Live Video Streaming Server offers it all at the same place. Video streaming server installation, security, software, live and VOD platform, licenses, transcoder, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited channels. Increase streaming effectiveness by hosting your website and video player directly on your streaming server at no additional cost. Highest security and protection, No Video buffering, Real HD transmission.
LIVEMNC Data Center Game Server Hosting Solutions— Best Game Server Hosting Provider, You can use VPS for game servers, but you’ll need to limit the number of players. If you’re interested in hosting more demanding games, you should choose a Cloud or Dedicated Server. If you’re more tech-savvy or want more control over your WordPress, you can easily adapt our VPS to your WP needs. The advanced customization that a VPS provides will give you more flexibility and control over settings.
Set up your own game server and configure it to your exact needs thanks to full root access! Enjoy top performance and a low ping with customizable settings that you’re in charge of. use your cloud game server or dedicated game server as a public or clan server. When choosing livemnc for your game server hosting, you can enjoy all the possibilities without the typical limitations that come with some game servers.
You also have the choice whether you want to rent a cloud game server, a dedicated game server, or a vServer as a game server. We offer affordable game server options to suit every budget. With full root access. Your livemnc Cloud game server is a virtual machine that can be configured according to your wishes. Adjust server resources such as CPU and RAM at any time depending on the number of players and workload. you can use the full potential of your dedicated game server and enjoy the premium version of your own game server without any limitations.

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