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LIVEMNC™ is a world’s best data center which is established at United States, USA(United States of America)- California. LIVEMNC  Data Center at California, Our data center is located in the is known as the gateway to Asia with multiple subsea internet cables landing at this facility. The United States is the largest single region for connectivity and the cloud in the world today.

We are one of the most densely interconnected data center ecosystems in the world with direct on ramps to the hyperscale public cloud providers. Now we has been delivering USA data center locations a wide range of clientele. The data center market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 2% from 2020 to 2026. livemnc is one of the largest providers of Data Center services in the world, we have largest data center market in the United States.

Located In A Designated Opportunity Zone. 100% Tax Exemption. Lowest PUE in the Market. 20 MW Power. Lowest TCO. 0% Sales Tax. California Location. Renewable Power. Designated Opp. Zone. 24/7 Security. Contact A Specialist. 

We structured hundreds of enterprises in the region and from then we have been providing our data center services efficient and cost-effective. Our range of IT solutions from cloud computing to collocation comes bundled with its scalability and wonderful features. livemnc is one of the largest data center, collocation, and peering service providers in the world.  One of the best players in the colocation market and one of the largest data center companies in the world is livemnc. We are top data center companies in USA, we 5 Largest Data Centers in the World in 2022, provide IT services, managed hosting, Enterprise bare metal, colocation, and managed data centers.

Server co-location monthly great service on high speed network. Air Conditioned Facility. 24/7 On-Site Security. Free Server Reboots. No Setup Charge. Unlimited IP Addresses.


We offers Data Center Outsourcing (USA) Services, data center colocation, enterprise bare metal, and inter-connectivity services across 7 data centers around the world. It’s notable for our cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics products. We have largest data center market in the United State which access to all major data center companies, Domestic (USA) and International. We shares the top spot on the list for the largest data centers in the United States.


Why Data Center at United States, USA- California?

We provide our IT solutions in United States, USA- California through it. Our data center solution provides its facilities in northern part of United States, USA- California. Our Best Data Center Companies data center resources have particularly command with conditions command as well as  World’s Largest Data Center Colocation Providers in conditions system with incorporate redundancy. Save time, costs and maximize site performance with us.

Fully managed, dedicated, reliable infrastructure designed to your unique needs.

Managed hosting infrastructure is fully dedicated to a single client, secure and redundant, removing any risk posed by multi-tenant platforms. Not only do customers benefit from running on the newest, enterprise-grade infrastructure. livemnc data center identified the 10 largest data center metro areas based on the presence of enterprise facilities and wholesale colocation capacity.

The biggest difference between hosting and retail colocation is that with hosting, the vendor owns the server. The customer may have some ability to manage the server through a Web interface, but the provider is ultimately in control of the computer equipment.  We most expansive, secure and sustainable data center platform … Safeguard your data with the highest levels of security and operational.

Top 10 BEST Data Center Companies 2022 | Datacenter Services In 2022

In a Comparison Of The Best Data Center Service Providers, Hosting customers give up a lot of control, but in return they get lower prices and shorter-term contracts. Not just the biggest data center vendor in Asia, but we are the one of the largest in the world, livemnc top data center providers in us has the capacity and staff resources for even the largest enterprise clients. Discover the solution how livemnc optimize energy efficiency and improve sustainability. An integrated approach for a promising future. Find out more! Maximum uptime. Cloud-based.

Ransomware Protection-

                                           Detect, alert and recover from attacks quickly.

Maximize performance across the widest range of applications with scalable architectures and flexible storage.

Our largest data center in US, The maintenance of our data center solution is entirely managed by our highly certified team. Get Enterprise-Grade File Sharing Security Without Sacrificing User Experience with us, also Work securely on any app, device, anywhere. As of today, livemnc is the top spot on the list for the largest data centers in the United States, also we are the largest data center colocation provider in the world.

Our biggest data center in US provides IT solution range from cloud computing to collocation comes bundled with scalable and reliable features. Our best top 10 Largest Data Center world’s, data center serves as a significant location for manufacturing and financial services industry.

LIVEMNC is one of the largest providers of Data Center services in the world. Our top 10 data center companies in USA host an astounding amount of information used for cloud computing, and financial firms. Although the Americas have numerous impressive facilities. Because of its modular technology the data center has the capability of running immediately after completion. One of the data center’s biggest advantages is its location, California is located next to a large power switching station, and has in-place fiber optic connectivity from two of the largest IP backbones in the world.

Our staff of engineers, technicians, & customer care specialists offer you support 24/7. Simple livemnc is a Tier III Data Center headquartered in India, AL, serving the US. Technology and R&D. Managed IT Services. Government Contracting.

LIVEMNC offering affordable and reliable colocation services whenever you need it, we can help keep your expenses low without compromising service. Our scalable solutions will also provide you with the room to grow your business. livemnc Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, United States of America, is a leading carrier-neutral managed IT services provider, has its largest data center in United States of America. we are into 10 Largest Data Center Companies in the World.

In USA there are many best data centers and hosting companies but in India there is a hosting provider livemnc data center, we are providing the best servers and hosting on unbeatable pricing with a great support and also our way of setup the servers infrastructures is well organized so if you are finding or want to switch then must go for livemnc.

Managed Service. Managed Security. Managed Backup &  Managed IT Services, Strategically Focused On Your Business Goals. Identify Vulnerabilities.

LIVEMNC Data Center offers access to every major cloud provider. livemnc is also one of United States, USA(United States of America)’s largest data center providers, and has subsidiaries in the Americas, Germany, Europe and India. We select top 10 data centers in USA, We offers colocation facilities that provide private and public cloud services, along with a managed web hosting solution. Server colocation space available. Hyper-secure and compliant facility in Mount Pleasant. 100% Indian Data Center. Highly secure, scalable solutions for businesses of any size.

LIVEMNC DATA CENTER’™s high availability, connectivity-friendly colocation service. Quarter rack, full rack or bespoke build – scale at your own pace. Get more information. 24/7/365 Expert Support.

LIVEMNC Data Center’s high end dedicated server infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides best in class performance and reliability for the most demanding applications, delivered to a data center near you. we are the top 5 data center companies, in the largest 7 markets across the United States.

LIVEMNC is the largest tier 3 certified data center in Asia and the second largest in the world. The data center is user-scalable and is capable of cloud computing, OTT content, and enterprise or government level applications. we offer Complete Data Center Management Software for IT & Asset Management. End to End Visibility, Manage, Monitor And Control.

DDoS Monitoring and Protection-

At web hosting America, we don’t wait until your site has been hit by a DDoS attack, we are always monitoring our networks for suspicious traffic and bandwidth allocation.


Our preventive measures usually catch most attacks before they happen, however, in the event that an attack does get through our defenses, our high-tech DDoS protection system has the ability to divert traffic away from your site quickly and efficiently.


Unlike virtualized servers, bare metal dedicated servers enable you to have full control of your environment. By eliminating noisy neighbors and removing the virtualization layer, dedicated server solutions provide unrestricted access to the physical hardware, resulting in better performance.


Choose LIVEMNC DC™ The World’s First Climate Positive Data Center Colocation | Wholesale | DataCenter | Sustainable | Secure | Scaleable | Flexible | Highlights: Providing Innovative Design, Offering Flexible Solutions.

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LIVEMNC is a flexible and scalable managed services that provide 24x7x365 monitoring and support for any environment a business selects—whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid. We are top from the list in list of data centers in USA, Our managed infrastructure services include managed infrastructure and hosting, data center.

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Data center standards exist to evaluate the quality and reliability of a data center. The Uptime Institute has created 3 tier ranking system to help determine just how secure your IT foundation truly is. Explore Uptime Institute’s ranking system, why we consider ourselves a Tier  3 Data Center.


Data Centers – Overview

Data centers can be broadly placed into two main categories: i) retail data centers and ii) wholesale data centers.

Retail Data Centers-

Retail data centers are third-party organizations that are multi-tenant accessible. Indeed, this means that multiple businesses of any size or industry can house their equipment within these data centers.

Wholesale Data Centers-

Wholesale data centers provide space, power, and cooling to run large-scale computing or storage deployments. Specifically, tenants are large Internet and cloud companies that own and operate their network equipment.


Services We Offer: Publicly Listed Data Center Companies in India-

  1. Core Services: LIVEMNC largest data center in USA offers a huge list of core services including data analytics, application integration,SAP, ERP, HANA Hosting, Blockchain, Developer tools, etc.
  2. Cloud Compute& IDC: These services include storage options, Monitor and manage our own cloud service. Virtual Private Clouds, Mail servers & collocation and data migration services.
  3. Managed Services: Managed services include systems monitoring, hardware upgrades, and onsite cabling services, etc.
  4. Colocation: This includes services like building and operating on-site data centers, disaster recovery, and metered power solutions.
  5. CDN: This service provides great video streaming capabilities.
  6. Private Compute: A single enterprise-class platform, over which an organization can run all its IT, including network, storage, computing, security and applications.


Choose the Right Data Center Location to improve the performance of your website-

Best Data Center Tips-

To figure out which data center would be best, ping the data centers from your browser on the following link to determine latency.

You can use this tool: GCP Ping. We have 7 data centers located in the following areas:

  1. Mumbai, India (Asia-south)
  2. Delhi, India (Asia-south)
  3. Jaipur, India (Asia-south)
  4. Karnataka, Bangalore (asia-West)
  5. Hyderabad, Telangana (Asia-North)
  6. Germany (Europe-west3)
  7. California, USA (US-west2)


Features of Data Center in United States, USA- California

  • 24×7 DC Monitoring
  • 24×7 Quick Action
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Multiple redundant power backup
  • Video surveillance
  • Constant uninterrupted Power supply
  • Maintained consistent temperature and humidity
  • Carrier Neutral Data Center
  • Cisco Network across all layers.
  • Scalability
  • Constant Surveillance
  • 24 x 7 NOC Monitoring Team
  • 24 x 7 Rapid Action Team
  • Raised floors
  • HVAC with separate cooling zones
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Off-limits for unauthorized persons
  • 24×7 card key access
  • Biometric scan entry system
  • Video surveillance
  • Multiple redundant Power back-up
  • Scalability for over a decade
  • Internet Exchange Platform (IXP) datacenters
  • Captive power plant
  • 8-Zone security
  • Largest tier 3DC
  • 300 BCP seats
  • Total Ownership philosophy

The advantages of using Livemnc DC services instead of building and operating your own data centre can be categorized generally into network benefits, service benefits and cost-saving benefits. This is a list of benefits that you can get:

  • TIER III Data Center Standards
  • ISO and Security Compliances
  • State-of-art Infrastructure
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Redundant & Reliable
  • 24×7 Rapid Action Team
  • 24×7 Monitoring Team
  • Cisco Layered Security
  • 995% Up time Guarantee
  • Livemnc provides high class data centre facility and state of the art network infrastructure.
  • You can maximize the usage of your own networking assets to improve company’s internal network operations.
  • Immediate increase in the network reliability and scalability. Should your business grows and requires more network resources,
  • Our Data center can easily meet your new requirement.
  • Livemnc Managed Services provides you with readily available competent IT staffs for operating, monitoring and maintaining your system.
  • Livemnc Managed Services gives you continuous operation, continuous support, security, flexibility.
  • You can focus on your own core business, improving your core services for greater profitability, moving away from daily managing IT infrastructure and problem solving.
  • You can reduce your information technology cost and risks. Your IT manpower requirement should be reduced together with the difficulty in retaining staff with IT skills.
  • Low loss increases network reach and minimizes the need for amplification.
  • Low return loss minimizes impairments of higher bit rate signals.
  • Low cross talk enhances security.
  • It is the best performing switch family available today, and it enables new data center applications and architectures.
  • Dynamically reconfigure Polatis switches via a standards-based interface
  • SDN interface enables the optical switches to coexist with packet switches under centralized management control for efficiently orchestrating topology changes.
  • OpenFlow clients on Polatis switches allow data center operators to reconfigure the network on demand to deploy capacity where it is most needed and make the most productive use of network resources at the lowest cost.
  • Polatis offers carrier-class software and interfaces so data centers can efficiently manage, control and scale network resources.
  • While traditional data center routing and switching platforms are typically optimized for short, bursty traffic flows, Polatis optical switches support the switching of large data flows with the low-latency needed for many business-critical applications.
  • A high reliability architecture with no single point of failure means that data centers can rely on Polatis switches for mission-critical applications.
  • The accumulated actuator life on field-deployed switches from Polatis exceeds a billion hours with no failures.
  • The Polatis Series 6000n 192×192 switch projected Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) exceeds 20 years.
  • Dark Fiber Switching (DFS) enables a connection can be made and held without light on the fiber.
  • DFS simplifies turning up or restoring services where signals may be intermittent.
  • In multistage networks DFS minimizes the delay in turning up services across multiple switch hops.
  • DFS allows Polatis’ switches to work with a wider range of optical signals and signal powers.
  • Polatis offers the only true dark fiber switches on the market.
  • Polatis offers solutions for the data center that provide world class performance at an attractive price and offers scalable, high-capacity, low-latency optical switching that allows organizations to future-proof their data center infrastructure.

About Solutions Overview

Demand for media-rich cloud services is driving massive data center growth, and new cloud-based services are creating very large data flows.

LiveMNC Networks have partnered to create the industry’s highest density low-latency solution for inter-data center optical networking. As demands for higher-speed bandwidth services and low-latency transport between data center locations continue to increase for applications ranging from

latency-sensitive cloud networks to financial trading, reliable high performance 10/40/100GbE networking has become increasingly critical. LiveMNC industry-proven data center switches alongside Data center-optimized Cloud Computing (CX) optical transport system offer a high-performance, modular, rack-and-stack data center networking solution with industry-leading capacity and latency

  1. Proven real-world ultra-low latency Ethernet switching using cut-through technology that is

capable of supporting multi-cast messaging and handling emerging higher-rate interface speeds

(40GbE and 100GbE)

  1. Low-latency high-capacity optical transport that minimizes contributions to latency and is optimized for Ethernet transport


  • 1M+ cores
  • 1-10 PB memory
  • 100 PB disk storage


  • 5 μs speed-of-light delay

Latency potential unrealized:

  • High-latency hardware/software
  • Most apps designed to tolerate latency (communication via large blocks)
  • Hardware limit: ~3 μs
  • New switching architecture
  • NIC fused with CPU’s cores; on-chip routing
  • User-level networking, polling instead of interrupts
  • New transport protocols
  • Storage systems based primarily in RAM
  • New software stacks

Low-Latency Storage:

New classes of Datacenter storage:

  • All data in DRAM at all times (disk/flash for backup only)
  • Large scale aggregate 1000’s of servers
  • Low latency5-10 μs remote access
  • Performance
  • Energy/op

New Transport Protocol

TCP protocol optimized for:

  • Throughput, not latency
  • Long-haul networks (high latency)
  • Congestion throughout
  • Modest connections/server

Future Datacenters:

  • High performance networking fabric:
  • Low latency
  • Multi-path
  • Congestion primarily at edges
  • Little congestion in core
  • Many connections/server

Low-Latency Software:

  • Today’s stacks: highly layered
  • Good for structuring software
  • Each layer solves one problem
  • Bad for performance
  • Each layer adds latency
  • Example: Thrift RPC system
  • Handles several problems: marshalling, threading, etc.
  • General-purpose: re-pluggable components
  • Adds 7 μs latency


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