Security Audits & Testing

Today, business has to tackle huge lineup to manage compliance requirements about data security and privacy, rational property management. Organizations are in a burden to ensure on time and strong third-party audits with high cost of non-compliance (penalties, license cancellations, downtime, etc). Due to continuous changing IT atmosphere, organization requires to address the maximum possibilities of vulnerabilities in mission-critical applications and data.

So it is LiveMNC security audit and testing service which creates a huge contrast. LiveMNC provides a best service quality group who are dedicated to security, best-of-breed technology skill. LiveMNC quality of not only recommend but also implement the recommended changes to our consumer’s IT atmosphere makes us best from common security audits and testing companies.

Our security audits and testing services are tackling by special team that integrates cutting-edge technology tools and the huge power of human intelligence.


VPAT is a demand resolution which builds it suitable to drive tests about the Internet anytime, anywhere. LiveMNC provide Hybrid Data Center Services and it is a hybrid resolution which combines automated testing with the expert security analysis. At the test time, this model brings the best quality test coverage. The modern technology recognizes all the possibilities of attack vectors.

LiveMNC can put on attack scenarios to get all certain attacks way in application or networks with perfect remedies.

Application VAPT

Your application folder delivers on the diverse range of infrastructure which can be highly protected to intrusion and data theft. Our VAPT application services replicate techniques which are used by hackers to assist you in recognizing and addressing perfect threats to your applications. We also use the requirements like patch management, functionality analysis control to preserve your applications

Security Assessment

If there is any gaps in your applications or network left your employees, consumers and partners to several threats like reorganization theft, fake and data theft. LiveMNC security assessment services assist you in getting a entire picture of your application and network level.

Network Architecture Review

LiveMNC highly skilled team of networks architecture assist consumer enhance their network architecture by recognizing the gap and providing requirements to the same address.

Configuration and Source Code Review

LiveMNC provide best tools and manual analysis to take over the configuration and source code reviews.  We make sure that entire technology devices and applications are going on with perfect security configuration and cooling standard to complete the requirements of industry best practices.