Enterprise Dedicated Servers

When companies need complete control over their dedicated server provider, from the kind of hardware that their host server runs on to fine grained choice of the OS and application stack, they turn to LiveMNC.


Simply stating, cloud hosting is an internet driven, on-demand computing technology that is based on the principles of shared storage and processing of all underlying computing hardware.

Database and Application Cloud

LIVEMNC™ Cloud lets you have complete control over your virtual networking environment, including selection of IP address range, creation of subnets, configuration of route tables and network gateways.

Cheap Web Hosting Offered By LiveMNC

“Cloud Computing Services – The Need of the Modern Digital Era”

If you still have not moved to the latest technology, or want the best cloud hosting services, then you have reached your destination. The well-managed best private cloud solutions provided by LIVEMNC are Top Enterprise Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS service provider what you need, and here you will find the same in the best way. We are the best and cheapest web hosting provider. We are among the best cloud service providers in India who are indulged in facilitating your specific requirements through our hosting options which are designed with proven techniques and world-class technicians. We are just not aimed at providing you with the improvised performance through managed cloud services, but also aim to let you generate profits in the most efficient manner.

Finding the best cloud computing services in India is through a difficult task, LIVEMNC has made it very easy for you With the top world-class data centres which are highly secure, we aim to make you get the most out of the technology. We come under the top web hosting companies in India. Providing the right cloud infrastructure with conventional resources is into the genes of our company, and we ensure to offer you the top-notch technical support along with the data security services that will lead your online business to generate more than just profits.

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The LiveMNC Advantage


Highly redundant, scalable, and secure infrastructure to ensure high availability and high quality of service.


No Compromise, Zero Tolerance policy to ensure zero loss.


24 x 7x 365 customer support.


More than a decade of handling complex IT demands and providing simplified, economical, optimized solutions.

Service Assurance

99.99% up-time guarantee. 100% redundancy.

Awards and Partners

What our Clients say

Best Data Center Service Provider

Live MNC group has its best data center company which is situated in the heart of Mumbai.
We went out to our customers with our data center services in Mumbai by bringing web hosting services that add
VPS hosting, collocation services, cloud platform and dedicated data center services.

Enterprise Dedicated Server Provider

Dedicated Server Features with LiveMNC – one of the top data centre company in India.
The server is a fully-managed hosting solution devised to improve your business performance, accommodates increasing server
needs, and supports multiple databases, such as SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Top Cloud Hosting Service Providers

LiveMNC Virtual Private Cloud with one of the top 10 Indian cloud hosting companies.lets you have complete
control over your virtual networking environment, including selection of your own IP address range, creation
of subnets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways.

Entertainment and Media

LiveMNC works across sectors. television, news, magazine, and digital, amongst others, and helps organisations
improve effectiveness and achieve long-term results. Our portfolio of reports covers consumer electronics,
gaming, the Internet and e-commerce, mainstream media and entertainment, news and magazine.

LiveMNC Dealing with Government Sectors

Government sector choose LiveMNC because of trust, security, and privacy level. Now companies
and agencies of all sizes can overcome the “digital Era” with LivemNC Government Cloud. That’s the gap
between where you want to expend resources – on continually innovating and improving processes –
and where you’re compelled to – on costly maintenance and propping up legacy IT systems.

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