Infrastructure Management

Live MNC provides remote infrastructure management services to reduce occupation disturbance and to update continuity, activity and deliver operative excellence with our high-level sources. If you need us, we also cover the responsibility of your server’s overall management, when it stays with our atmosphere. Customers can give us the responsibility of taking care their hardware and software in this service that covers proactive monitoring of server arrangement, configuration, connection, problem management, accumulation and many more.

At the time when you can get as a well as read more out of it, our services stay in cheapest dedicated server provider. Our well experienced as well as qualified technicians supervise your property around the clock and takes guarantee to optimize it with the latest technology. Availability as well as connection and excess is first concern of any occupation and we guarantee to provide that atmosphere under which your website can act the best.

We ensures you to manage business continuity by simulating entire data at the circumstances of IT disaster or technical issues in a minimum period of time and the result you can preserve yourself from extreme finance loss. We provide you a relief from the stress of loosing your data by providing continuous backup storage and data preservation.

By shaping your business in the developing trends, our standard services can develop a footprint for your occupation in the market, with preserved sources. You can contact us at any time when you need our help through our 24×7 quick action and we make it certain to solve your problems. Expanding a little in the beginning is always better than covering huge reductions as well as losses.

The Services Which We Does For You

Live MNC provide remote infrastructure management services to decrease occupation disruptions and to upgrade continuously, agility and provide operative perfection with our top level resources. If you need, we take up the responsibility of your server’s all management, when it remains with our atmosphere. Under our top cloud service provider, customers can allows to take care of their hardware and software that conclude services beyond basic administration like proactive monitoring of server configuration, arrangement, problem management and many more.

In the matter of IT disaster, we make sure to manage business continuity by replicating all of your data in minimum time period as the result you can prevent consideration consequences. We maintain to perform regular backing storage and data preservation that decrease the stress of losing your data.

Advantage of acknowledge infrastructure management

Automates and progress occupation operations

    • Lower downtime danger
    • Quick as well as faster, perfect and limber
    • Cheapest operational cost

By decreasing nearly 30% of IT expenditure cost, makes it in a cost-effectiv manner