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ERP and Financial Management: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Financial Management- We help SME’s to streamline and simplify their day-to-day business processes through our online ERP software solutions.  LIVEMNC offers public cloud hosting, Enterprise Resource Planning designed with flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.
We design software solutions according to the business needs of Banking Financial Services & Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food & Beverages, and other organizations for Track your Purchase and Sales Transactions.
LIVEMNC ERP Cloud is a Best Financial ERP Systems which is comprehensive suite of tools delivering higher productivity with improved control at lower costs. We are partners for all three standard technologies like Gold Partners with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.
Automation with Customized Solutions– Accounts Payables Automation can be done on livemnc Financials Cloud to enable automatic processing of Invoice Work area. Our products are highly customizable.
Real Time DataWithin a cloud ERP system, data is always up to date for users to access, providing context to business decisions using the most accurate information.
Backup– All your business data is stored on the cloud and protected against in-house disruptions like malware attacks or hardware failures.
Accessible Anywhere & Detect Fraudulent Checks– Our ERP solutions from any location or device. it easier to detect fraudulent checks by automatically cross-referencing check.
Tax Accounting Software– Our tax accounting software will let you configure tax rates, perform tax accounting, and generate tax reports, Manage budgeting, inventory, change orders, time sheets, billing, profitability all in one place.
Cash & Currency Management System– LIVEMNC cash management system lets you manage day-to-day transactions, funds transfers, and bank account reconciliations in one place. Currency Management helps you increase your volume of international business. We support all your international subsidiaries, vendors, and customers.
LIVEMNC is a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management software. LIVEMNC Providing class reporting, analytics, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and tax solutions to provide them with increased productivity, visibility, accuracy, and compliance. we’re proud to say that we help businesses of all sizes integrate livemnc’s financial management solution into their existing processes.
Cloud ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that runs on a vendor’s cloud platform as opposed to an on-premises network, allowing organizations to access over the internet. ERP software integrates and automates essential financial and operational business functions and provide a single source of data, including inventory, order and supply chain management and help with procurement, production, distribution and fulfillment.
LIVEMNC Financials & Supply Management delivers end-to-end ERP financial and accounting capabilities fully integrated and delivered in the cloud.

Handle All Your Business Needs with India’s Leading ERP Software. Get All-In-One Dashboard on Cloud & Track Performance of Your Business in Real-Time. 24/7 Customer Support. Robust Offline Access. GST Complaint.

LIVEMNC Data Center is an award-winning solution streamlines financial management across your entire organization no matter how complex. The insights you need are at your fingertips, with automated workflows to accelerate month-end close and ensure compliance. Complete operational platform and comprehensive solutions designed for healthcare. The product run on our technology stack in Oracle’s cloud centers or our own LIVEMNC cloud platform. It is accessible through both public and private cloud implementation and supports hybrid deployment.
Governance, Risk, and Compliance- Integrated security and compliance to protect complex business environments. Organizations are steadily moving business critical data and workloads with LIVEMNC cloud ERP systems, and the global cloud ERP. While this shift will bring clear cost and efficiency advantages, it will not solve the inherent limitations of native ERP financial reporting, which is typically designed to support only basic reporting needs.
India’s Most Trusted, Secure & Useful ERP Solution with Experienced Professionals. Best SAP partner gives services like Implementation, Customization, Support.
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Hosted by the livemnc- ERP vendor and provided as a service to businesses, cloud ERP software supports the same, or better, functionality as on-premises systems without most of downsides, like upfront licensing fees. In LIVEMNC Cloud ERP- access customer information, sales histories, financial data, human resources management tools, live operating metrics, supply chain status, and more
SAP HANA is brilliant, effective and very useful tools that system for organization. livemnc ERP on cloud is a fast growing and emerging cloud software which has wide amout of areas, we have taken support for accounting activities and it helped to minimize the manual work and improved the task.
Cloud-based ERP systems continues to grow of their ability to access and analyze massive amounts of data in near real time. That means real-time inventory insights to sales teams and freeing finance teams to keep a close eye on cash runway and quickly respond to audits or other calls for performance data. livemnc cloud platform truly is the best accounting solution.
LIVEMNC Provide a cheap hosting india along with powerful ERP Platform tool for your financial activities that brings visibility and automate the activities to reduce the manual work to bring savings. Cloud enterprise resource planning software is a robust suite of applications that enable one source of truth for real-time data and business information. This technology can help you operate your business efficiently– with applications like financial management, logistics, sales, supply chain management, inventory management and more. Cloud ERP software provides a great business management solution.
All cloud-based ERP software provides core financial and accounting functionality-
√ Financials and accounting
√ Human capital management (HCM) and/or Human resource management software
√ Customer relationship management (CRM)
√ Inventory management
√ Order management
√ Procurement
√ Supply chain management
√ Project management
√ Material requirements planning (MRP)
LIVEMNC Cloud ERP has a comprehensive portfolio of leading cloud based ERP software solutions and tools to fit your needs. LIVEMNC Cloud ERP platform is built on the most advanced infrastructures in the world. We have teams of experts dedicated to protecting your data, warding off hackers and staying ahead of threats to keep your business and its data safe. Our best cloud ERP software have covered from system security to compliance. Your data is hosted on world-class servers with global teams dedicated to its safety.
LIVEMNC’s ERP Cloud solution ensures a smooth cloud transformation that works seamlessly with other products that are vital to everyday functions. Our services are designed to simplify and accelerate global business processes for clients. Financials Cloud– Most comprehensive, integrated, and scalable financial management solution available.
See how cloud ERP enables continuous innovation to drive business agility and success. Stay ahead of problems and trends with machine learning and intelligent automation.
LIVEMNC ERP is the best in customised ERP software and provides the best solutions which cover all the functionalities irrespective of the size of a company. Being the best ERP software development company in Delhi, India and also a best web-based ERP, livemnc ERP software is less expensive, with many advanced features and easy to implement/deploy. livemnc ERP is rated as a Best Manufacturing ERP in Mumbai and Best Manufacturing ERP in India.
LIVEMNC ERP Solution can help your business by integrating innovative cloud-based services and tools into your ERP system. Integrating cloud ERP solutions for finance organizations. cloud ERP allows finance organizations to leverage powerful ERP technologies without substantial startup costs. At the same time, they can enable organizations to see benefits like streamlined data integration, a flexible user interface, and improved accuracy and efficiency of financial reporting.
Upfront infrastructure and operating costs– One of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based ERP solution is overall reduced costs, which begins at implementation. With on-premises ERP, a business will incur upfront costs in purchasing servers, database creation, initial implementation, consultants, IT staffing, security and backup.
Implementation speed- One of the biggest hurdles of any new ERP solution is the implementation time, which can directly affect business downtime and time to value. A business can normally get up and running more quickly on a cloud-based ERP system.
Customizations and agility- Just as cloud-based ERP can scale with an organization, it can also be more easily customized to fit business needs. use the public or private cloud or pay only for what you need, flexibility is at the core of our offerings.
Security, compliance and disaster recovery- cloud-based ERP providers may offer better security and compliance than companies could otherwise afford.
Following are the solutions offered by LIVEMNC ERP Cloud:
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payments & Collections
  • Asset Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash & Expense Management
LIVEMNC, an Oracle Premier Partner, has a complete set of cloud offerings and solutions for packaged ERP solution. Our ERP offerings, combined with livemnc’s proven expertise in cloud solutions, in-depth exposure to sales domain, and efficient global delivery model enable us to deliver a hassle-free ERP Solution.
Billing, Online Ordering, Customer Details, Deliveries and more. Affordable Pricing. Boost Grocery Store Sales with Cloud-Based Logic ERP & Mobile App Solution. Flexible Pricing with LIVEMNC Cloud ERP platform.
With an emphasis on security and consistency, livemnc offers both cloud, local and hybrid deployments to fit your business needs and structure. Minimise the impact of economic disruption and maintain business continuity by integrating cloud ERP and financial management solutions with LIVEMNC.
Our proprietary Cloud-Based ERP Software Solutions are tailor-made for small to medium enterprises that want to meet the growing demands of their business by adapting a progressive approach to new technologies. In our ERP and Finance Cloud Platform- You don’t even have to worry about software configuration, updates, or backups as everything is managed automatically.
LIVEMNC provides cheapest hosting india for public sector software solutions developed for government, schools, and other companies in the public sector. The company’s ERP solution offering includes municipal accounting software equipped with financial management tools to help companies manage data. Our clients with a cloud-based ERP software geared toward medium businesses and larger enterprises in communications, life sciences, energy, insurance, hospitality, retail, nonprofit, manufacturing, and other industries.
LIVEMNC provides an ERP solution on cloud for project driven industries like construction, engineering, AE&E, energy, industrial equipment manufacturing, consultations, contracting, and more. The company’s ERP Cloud software is designed to help companies streamline and automate their financial management efforts with automated billing processes, flexible general ledgers, and functionalities for accounting, revenue management, analytics, procurement, ordering, and more. livemnc also focuses on health, life sciences, IT, professional services, media, and business service industries.
LIVEMNC Develops and delivers ERP software for global companies that manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. The solution includes functionalities for cloud financial management, integrated budgeting tools, forecasting, CRM, revenue management, human capital management, business intelligence, procurement, and global business management.
LIVEMNC ERP platform includes a Finance & Accounting application that provides financial capabilities, functions like fixed assets, general accounting, covering payables, receivables, pluggable extensions, and integrations between financials and sales. livemnc’s financial suite is also able to integrate with other products like SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4HANA.
LIVEMNC Oracle Financials Cloud services is based on helping companies to adopt the Oracle financials cloud and leverage it to gain strategic business advantage.
Deliver decisive insights into your company’s financial position and profitability with a comprehensive global solution designed for organizationsw. Use livemnc Cloud Financials to help fulfill your finance team’s and company’s goals with low price hosting provider. Customers in a wide variety of industries and regions use livemnc ERP Cloud to achieve your goals. LIVEMNC cloud financial management solution can make your life easier and accelerate your business growth.
Migrate from any ERP to LIVEMNC Cloud ERP-
In this digital era, Migrate to livemnc Cloud ERP to simplify finance and operations, reduce business risk, and benefit from ongoing innovation all with a total cost of ownership (TCO) that’s up to 50% less than on our own premises ERP Cloud Platform.
LIVEMNC offers an cheapest hosting in india, Cloud ERP delivers the most complete solution on the market with Oracle Financials, Project Management, Risk Management and Compliance, Procurement, and ERP Analytics. Our customers are achieving significant business benefits, including reduced financial close times, deep insights from machine learning and AI, faster deployments and updates, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
With LIVEMNC Cloud Platform– Financials Suite automates, streamlines and controls financial processes to reduce costs, simplify controls, increase productivity and improve business decisions. It includes cloud services, mobile integration, embedded social functionality, native business intelligence and a modern user interface to increase the efficacy of decision-making and drive innovation.Accounting from disparate ERP and transactional systems. Create consistent, standardized accounting for disparate ERP systems using an enterprise level financial cloud platofrm.
To help your business find the right ERP solution for its financial planning and management needs, our editors have compiled this list of the best financial ERP system solutions in today’s market. livemnc offers an accrual accounting and ERP application built on the capabilities of the best CRM platform.

LIVEMNC Financials & Supply Management delivers end-to-end ERP financial and accounting capabilities—fully integrated and delivered in the cloud.

The company provides its customers with tools to track the financial health of client accounts, manage billing processes from a single interface, analyze financial data throughout the business lifecycle, monitor profitability, develop in-depth reports, produce financial statements, and more. The livemnc Cloud ERP platform can also connect with leading, industry-specific solutions, providing users with an integrated, automated accounting solution.
Oracle ERP Cloud-
LIVEMNC ERP Cloud software is a solution known for its scalability and flexible architecture. It’s built to grow with your business by offering a full suite of cloud applications for your most necessary functions, including finance, project management, supply chain, procurement, project management, risk management and more. This technology can help you operate your business efficiently with applications like financial management, logistics, sales, supply chain management.
Traditional ERP solutions are often housed within a company’s own server infrastructure and require updating and servicing to stay current. Cloud ERP, as the name suggests, is based in the cloud much like SaaS (Software as a Service.) Unlike traditional ERP software, Cloud-based ERP relies on the cloud rather than proprietary server infrastructure to help companies share information across departments.
Explore cloud and on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Our All cloud-based ERP software provides core financial and accounting functionality. LIVEMNC Financial Management is Powerful, Feature-Rich Accounting Software That Is Easy To Use and Integrates With livemnc Cloud ERP Platform. LIVEMNC Cloud Financials- Deliver decisive insights into your company’s financial position and profitability with a comprehensive global solution.
LIVEMNC Cloud ERP supports multiple deployment options, including: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, iPhone, iPad, Android. With livemnc ERP Cloud Financials, businesses can expand into new markets with support for multiple ledgers, currencies, entities, and accounting standards, handle high transaction volumes at high processing speeds and eliminate the inter-company, tax, and payment complexity with process automation.
Types of cloud ERP software-
Multi-tenant SaaS ERP-
Single-tenant SaaS ERP
Private cloud ERP
LIVEMNC Cloud ERP can be easier and cheaper to maintain than on-premises ERP, since the cloud ERP provider handles maintenance of hardware and software. Cloud-based ERP software also comes with availability, backup and disaster recovery guarantees that reduce interruptions to the software. With Our ERP Cloud Financials, businesses can expand into new markets with support for multiple ledgers, currencies, entities, and accounting standards.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud computing is disrupting the digital finance landscape, transforming companies’ IT architecture. livemnc ERP provides the best cloud based ERP software in India. Get real time insights of your business and it is very flexible permitting you to run your software.
We provide Cloud Based ERP and Finance Solution For-
Payroll Management Software | Production Planning Software | Material Management Software | Financial Accounting Software | Inventory Management Software | Loyality & Coupon Management Software | Reporting Management Software | Accounting & Financial Management And Many More.
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