Windows VPS Server

Windows VPS- Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and 100% SSD with Raid 1 storage.

Maximum VPS performance is ensured by the latest-generation of cloud hardware

LIVEMNC Data Center™— Our top of the line, high-performance HP ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers are powered by multi-core (14 cores) Intel Xeon 6132 processors. We pack 768 GB of RAM into each node along with a dedicated 4 Gbps network connection. Because we guarantee 99.98% uptime, accessibility will never be an issue for you. Experience continuous 24/7 connectivity to your cheap VPS Windows server and the best VPS Windows performance with our VPS services.
Launch a new server in just 55 secs. High performance on dedicated SSD resources. Maximum Security. Full Root Access. Personal Consultant. Expert Support. Cloud Servers, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Enterprise Cloud (IaaS), Cloud Backup. LIVEMNC DC® provides you the Most Secure Cloud VPS Services. High Performance Cloud VPS Server Located in India with upto 10GBPS Speed. Blazing Fast SSD Disk.

Easy Management with our User Friendly Control Panel

We are providing Free Control Panel installation with our best windows vps in India servers, Like CWP – CentOS Web Panel, Webuzo, VirtualMin, And can also installed Paid License of WHM | cPanel, Plesk or any panel you want.
Every best windows vps in india server offers you the option to buy independent Plesk control panel that is easy to use and manage multiple websites, emails and databases with ease. Our World Class Cloud VPS Control Panel helps you to manage your server by providing you with a clean and easy interface.
Customize your best vps hosting india server with an intuitive Plesk control panel. With this management panel, you can create and manage email accounts, databases, upload your website files and do a lot more. Choose the Plesk control panel that fits your needs and experience the best Windows VPS hosting. Our best windows vps hosting India, Virtual Private Server(VPS) itself is a powerful yet affordable option for hosting your websites, applications, etc.

Easy One Click Backup & Console Access

Regardless of the plan or duration of the service, we offer a free weekly backup to all windows VPS plans. For an additional fee, you can backup your data with an industry-leading solution from Acronis.
Set automated Daily backups plus an on-demand snapshot and fix issues using the recovery console (even if you don’t have access to SSH/RDP). Every plan has free Daily Backup Service included. We use Backup for Workgroups to back up your selected files in drive C to our backup servers in a remote data center. You can restore them at any time by yourself.
Paid Backup– Apart from the Complimentary Backups, we offer daily backup with all plans at a very affordable price.
Investing in cheap Windows VPS can help reduce risks in your business. For instance, if you pay for a cheap Windows VPS and it turns out to be below your expectations, you will not be too bothered as you didn’t spend much on it. you have better control over your website. You are also given the capability of accessing all the resources and files available to your site. This means that you can set up your server to your need and install necessary additional software.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

There’s no longer a need for those hectic manual migrations when you need more capacity in your servers. Easily increase RAM, CPU, Storage & Bandwidth with instant VPS upgrades. All our cheap linux vps hosting india plans are easily scalable. You can upgrade to the next level anytime you wish. All your data will remain intact during the upgrade process.
You can upgrade your virtual private server hosting india anytime you want without changing the assigned IP address. The care is taken by our experts that no data gets failed or lost during the up-gradation process. To keep your business website updated, every Windows windows vps hosting plans is pre-installed with latest IIS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, FrontPage Extensions and we also offer database support and monitoring of MySQL and MS SQL.
SSD-Based Windows Cloud VPS Hosting and forex vps india with Instant Scalability With your own RAM and CPU, our cheapest vps hosting india in a dedicated Windows environment is a good choice to hosting your website up and running. Fast and reliable windows vps server india hosting with rich features for SaaS providers, game makers, programmers, and companies. livemnc not only the cheapest cloud based VPS but also top of the line Bare Metal as well as dedicated servers for high-end customers.

SSD Disk with Raid 1 or raid 10 for Best in Class Performance

With our high-performance, high-end servers including Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Windows Hosting, We ensure the better performance and response from our servers. We provide SSD Storage, for Better performance, speed of Server and customer website. So your visitors gets the best experience on your websites.
Experience high performance & redundant SSDs on our Cloud Platform for upto 3X the performance than the usual VPS Hosting. Thus, we have placed all the elements on the right place which gives you a super-fast performance on any type of applications. Our virtual private servers are built using SSD hard drives. Solid State Drives can perform up to 100x times faster than traditional server-grade hard drives.
Our SSDs utilize RAID 50. If a disk were to fail, your VPS will automatically failover to one of the two hot spares available within the RAID 50 storage array.All our US Unmetered Windows VPS are hosted on Powerful Dual E5 CPUs with mutiple SSD drives on RAID Array. Select your cheap windows 10 vps  plans among Classic, SSD, and Cloud Category.
All our windows vps server usa have Dual Xeon E5 or E7 series servers, featuring a whopping 512 GB ECC registered DDR3 RAM. Our Classic VPS plans run on Nimble SAN storage, SSD VPS plans run on pure SSD drives, and Cloud VPS plans on high-speed distributed SAN storage. All our HyperV nodes have powerful RAID 6 or RAID 10 architecture, allowing us to offer better performance for each VPS plan.
Our Windows VPS servers are consolidated with SSDs for excellent performance and reliability. The SSDs are super-fast and helps to boost your heavy web application’s performance.

Hosting Server Data Center Location

We also ensure maximum protection of your data with certified data centers, redundant storage networks, comprehensive backup solutions, firewall rules, access restrictions, and secure data transmission.
Host your VPS in the optimum location by choosing from our data centers in the India,USA, and Europe- Germany. Spin up a server in 55 seconds. We have servers in 7 locations. So you can launch your VPS plan in the available location which is nearest to your targeted audience.
We have 7 data centers across the globe–India- (Mumbai Data Center | Delhi, Noida NCR Data Center | Jaipur Sitapura Data Center | Hyderabad, Telangana Data Center | Karnataka, Bangalore Data Center), United States, USA- (California Data Center), and Europe, (Germany based data center). We have Tier-1 networking.
We maintain our own Uptime Institute certified TIER III Data Center. It is designed to ensure an uninterruptible connection: N+1/2N redundancy, Visa DS diesel generators. The machinery is protected by 24/7 onsite security staff & video surveillance, VESDA fire detection system, and biometric access control. That’s why we can offer maximum security, reliability, and best prices for our Windows VPS services in managed private cloud hosting provider.
Our VPS is designed with data security in mind. We use only enterprise-class server hardware. Have no doubt that your data hosted on RAID enabled storage array is safe with us. Multiple hard-drives are bundled up to mirror each other. This way, the RAID arrays also keep your data always available and as safe as possible.

Hyper-V Powered

Hyper-V VPS virtualization ensures absolute isolation for every particular virtual account located on the same physical server and offers guaranteed RAM, CPU cores and other essential server resources. All our HyperV nodes have powerful RAID 6 or RAID 10 architecture, allowing us to offer better performance for each VPS plan.
Server Virtualization with top 10 managed web hosting providers, VPS Management Software and Control Panels help the operators saving time, space, and money when partitioning a physical server into ‘multiple virtual servers. We use Hyper-V management, WebsitePanel and SolidCP to sensitively manage VPS resources.
KVM virtualization enables provisioning of VPS based on independent dedicated resources with near-physical server characteristics and the same management & configuration principles. For convenience’s sake, the Windows VPS hosting server is fully integrated with the KVM hypervisor into best data centre company. This means that your systems use our hardware’s maximum power and dedicated resources for the best performance possible.

Security is Essential

We understand the importance of your time and hence provide you with 24×7 network monitoring with advanced DDoS protection.
Server Firewall– All of our VPS plans come with a built-in Windows Firewall. So you will have full access to a firewall to strengthen the security of your VPS.
Server AntiVirus– We understand how important security is. We can help setting up antivirus with any VPS plan at your request and no additional cost to you.
Security Patching– To ensure that the host server is not compromised, we regularly install required patches and updates on our host servers.
Regular Audits– Performance is everything for any business. Therefore, we perform regular audits of all our servers to eliminate any hardware or performance-related errors.
DDoS protection- Our global scrubbing protects you against DDoS and sustained high-bandwidth attacks by diverting suspect traffic to our scrubbing centers mitigating the threat and protecting your infrastructure.
Bulletproof Security– Data security is important for top data centre company in India all the hosted windows VPS servers. Customer’s data protection is our TOP end utmost priority. Our top 10 hosting providers uptime Institute Certified Tier 3 data centers in India are equipped with the lowest latency with four different layers for acquiring top-level network security. Our Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Servers are secured with WAF and IPS enabled security to protect from the hackers.

Blazing Fast Uplinks

Our top 10 server hosting companies speeds blow away the competition with our enhanced 1 Gbps to 10Gbps network ports. Network bottle necking no longer holds your apps back.
The utilization of the finest VMware virtualization, SSD storage, and fast data networks ensure maximum reliability. So if your site experiencing frequent downtimes and slow speed livemnc is the cheap yet powerful virtual server provider for Windows.
LIVEMNC is the one of the few cheap cloud hosts providing top-class services at affordable pricing tag. You can choose a managed cloud VPS host at cheap prices with all essentials and required features. livemnc is a well experienced name when we talk about cheap Windows VPS plans, our cheap vps hosting with cpanel that belong to different categories like WordPress blogs, developers and small business sites.
Through the use of highly sophisticated technologies such as SSDs, 10GigE Networking, and multiple low latency locations livemnc makes sure the delivery of high-performance services. Although we provide really low cost Windows VPS and but for inexperienced users, they might struggle a little bit at the start.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

We guarantee that your VPS will be available 99.99% of the time. 99.99% uptime will keep your project online and result in fewer outages. Our virtual hosts are configured to automatically fail over should an unforeseen event occur. We constantly monitor our virtual hosts to ensure you experience unrivaled uptime.
This is the best uptime guarantee in top 10 data centres in India that is possible due to our server’s solid infrastructure, maintenance and strict adherence to security protocols. We make use of industry leading hardware and software components on our Windows VPS servers.
When you are in search of low price Windows VPS, livemnc is a considerable cheap windows vps server india. We classified VPS as managed and unmanaged so it’s a matter of preference. The cheapest way to launch the Windows server is managed VPS plan that starts as low cost. livemnc servers comes to affordable cloud hosting with unbeatable performance, livemnc earned a significant reputation over the last few years because of fast hosting services, 100% SLA, and powerful infrastructure.

24/7/365 Technical Support

LIVEMNC DATA CENTER™ is a best and cheap windows VPS providers where you’ll receive a Personal Consultant with every Server package. Available during regular business hours, the Personal Consultant, supported by our 24-7 standard support, will act as your single point of contact and Server Expert.
Chat Support- Our highly trained experts are available 24/7 via the live chat option.
Support Ticket– Our ticket system is always available for you. Submit your complex technical queries via a support ticket.
Call Support– You can reach us via call. Our senior technicians will tackle your inquiry via calls.
Personal Account Manger– We are arrange an Personal account manger where you can call round o clock means 24/7/365 day or night.
Rich Knowledgebase– Apart from the support options, we have a great list of knowledgebase articles, which will let you troubleshoot the issue independently.

Self-managed and managed KVM Windows VPS with Amazing features included Easy and fast service management merged with secure and scalable infrastructure-
Fully Managed– We free you so you can focus on your business.
Upto 10x Faster– Now your pages will load with blazing fast speed.
SSD Storage– Fast & reliable storage for better performance.
Latest Technologies– Cloud hosting is fully managed, thus we’ll make sure to include the latest technological and performance updates as soon as they’re available.
IPv6 & IPv4– Besides IPv4 addresses, we also offer IPv6. IPv6 will give the Internet a much larger pool of IP addresses. It provides a range of benefits for security, integrity, and performance.
Redundant infrastructure– Redundancy in cloud architecture ensures a fallback within the infrastructure. That means if there is an event of a failure to IT operations, your servers can continue to run as normal as before failure, without a single disturbance.


Fully virtualized and blazing-fast VPS with SSD storage, full root access and API. Affordable VPS performance without compromises SSD cloud powered VPS designed to meet the demands of the most demanding projects. livemnc is one of the best and cheap web hosting providers. We are providing cheapest wordpress hosting india along with quality servers, leading moving in the markets. livemnc is the one of the best VPS providers. We they offer the affordable VPS web hosting plans is your best bet for future scalability. we have servers at multiple locations delivering the best quality.
Buy Lightning Fast Windows VPS for Your Website/Application. VPS Plans Starting in low cost. Offering inexpensive, reliable and instantly setup Pure SSD Windows Virtual Private Servers VPS RDP Hosting in multiple locations. Windows vps host offers cheapest windows vps and linux servers. Buy our cheap windows vps RDP for Forex and other use, covered with 24×7 support. Windows vps host offers cheapest windows vps and linux servers.


Get livemnc’s cheapest Windows VPS hosting in India which offers the best Windows VPS hosting server. Guaranteed CPU, RAM, RDP access and 100mbps. Hassle Free Virtual Server Hosting, Affordable, Powerful VPS Technology For Running Your Custom Applications On Either Windows Or Linux. With livemnc, the word Cheap Windows VPS India can serve you with the best quality ever. Your business can really thrive under our Windows VPS server hosting.
SSD-Based Windows Cloud VPS Hosting with Instant Scalability. With your own RAM and CPU, our virtual server in a dedicated Windows environment is a good. Get your cheap Windows VPS server powered by HP ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers and 100 Gbps network capacity. Tier III DC ensures 99.98% VPS Windows uptime. Lowest Cost, Blazing Fast VPS Hosting Solution · DedicatedCore: Flexible Hosting Service and SSD Storage Server.
LIVEMNC Data Center offers server along with Dedicated performance on powerful server resources. Expert Support. Personal Consultant. Full Root Access. High Performance. Maximum Security. Types: Cloud Servers, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Enterprise Cloud (IaaS), Cloud Backup. Latest Plesk Panel – Onyx 17.5. Windows Hosting Made Easy w/ Powerful Hosting Solutions,High Speed SSD Storage. Latest Plesk CPanel.


Looking for Windows VPS hosting in India? Our powerful & cheap Windows VPS hosting powered by KVM ensures full isolation of your VPS that helps smooth running of your website or apps without any interruption. Buy cheap web hosting india from livemnc and experience high-speed, enhanced security and exceptional performance with the best VPS hosting plans. we are the one of the cheap web hosting with cpanel provider from Best Windows VPS Hosting Companies.
Deploy more with windows virtual machines, global infrastructure, and simple pricing. No surprise bills, no lock-in, and the same price across every data center. Everything you need to build, launch, and scale your applications. the network, reliability, and support to grow your business, Plus Free Services- DDoS Protection, VLANs, Cloud Firewall, Monitoring, Generous Transfer, 24/7 Support.


The abbreviation VPS stands for Virtual Private Server that provides a dedicated portion of a commercial server hard drive, including memory and CPU resources to clients. It is a 2-in-1 web hosting service model that combines the features of the two noteworthy web hosting frameworks, dedicated and virtual private cloud server. In this hosting kind, managed private cloud hosting providers takes the onus of server management, offloading intricate and routine infrastructure management. Going forward, these services are further categorized into two segments: managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting.
You’ll install almost any application in your cheap vps hosting india. Our cheap windows VPS are reliable than any other company’s Shared and VPS servers. You get the best operations to do with no security risks. Get Quality Windows VPS hosting services with SSD cloud and the best Windows VPS hosting India options at a cheap price.
Our Virtual Dedicated Server is reliable for all common, windows applications that require plenty dedicated resources, such as all ERP-class systems. Multiuser Windows Workstation is often run on AMD based Dedicated Server to ensure reliable performance for all the users all the time. Start cheapest cpanel hosting india hosting on cloud for your Website and Applications.

Windows Server and VPS Get a Windows Server at Great Price with livemnc data center. Raw Power for Windows Applications Bestselling solutions for resource intensive Windows applications. Thousands of livemnc customers rely on a cheapest web hosting per year at Windows Server on VPS for their Meta or Forex Trading Business. Windows on Virtual Dedicated Server is a great solution for running a Minecraft or any other game server.
Our cheap unlimited web hosting and best Windows VPS Hosting is a fastly engineered, lightning-quick, highly scalable and fully-secured. Our Cheap Windows VPS Plans are all ready to save a lot of money in your pocket. you can make your own configuration, your plans as per your requirements. With livemnc cheapest web hosting in Germany data center, the word Cheap Windows VPS India can serve you with the best quality ever.
Buy Cheap Windows VPS Hosting with cpanel india At An Affordable Price in India, Our vps hosting with cpanel and whm Hosting Plans includes with Multi-Core Processors, SSD Drives. Free Windows OS License, Weekly Backup, Server Management Services etc. A cheap vps windows hosting is ideal as it is extremely versatile, being able to host numerous database platforms including MSSQL, MySQL, and many more. Using a Linux and windows vps server to run game 24*7, you can play your favorite online games in single and multiplayer gaming modes.
Our best windows vps hosting has been engineered to provide you with efficient, easily scalable, and secure down to the very unit of source code solution at an affordable cost. It is ideal for those who need applications in .ASP, .NET, VB, and other languages that need reliability and high-quality performance and run only on Microsoft environments. Using a VPS to run 24/7 online trading, you will never experience internet issues, hardware faults, power failure, and other cases like them.
Our all Virtual Private Server Hosting with Windows Remote Desktop (RDP), Best Used for Web Surfing, VPN’s, VDI, Proxy’s, Web Hosting, Web Scraping, Game Servers, SEO Tools, Forex & Much More. Enjoy increased flexibility and get the performance you need with SSD Storage. Get the power and flexibility to run your website on our budget Windows VPS. It is equipped with the FrontPage, making it much more beneficial. We are one of the most trusted and best Windows VPS hosting service providers in India. Experience the best at the cheapest with us.
Our Windows vps hosting india is a cost-effective web hosting service model to meet rising market and end-user demands. It is a securely managed environment that provides greater flexibility, and focusses on the privacy of your critical data and applications at no big costs.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting that uses Virtual Private Servers. Although the websites are hosted on the same physical machine, it allows each website to be fully independent as if each were on its own separate machine.
Using a technology called Virtualization, isolated virtual machines are created. These come with dedicated resources and full root access which gives you all the features and functions of a dedicated server at no additional cost. This is termed as Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Which additional software's/application preinstalled in windows vps?

MSSQL 2019/2016/2014/2012, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, MailEnable, control panel (Plesk, SolidCP, Plesk); What amounts to a valuable array of software can all be found pre-installed and configured on your windows vps server hosting in india if selected while ordering. In addition, our Cheapest Windows VPS plans offer loads of software and services at no additional cost.

why is it important to rent a secure game server?

Security is extremely important for any game server, so you’ll be pleased to know that livemnc’ data centers are among the most secure and efficient in the world. We make sure that your game server performs continuously, and this is guaranteed thanks to our very fast external connection. SSL certified encryption is of course included.
Your game server are also included, such as:
—Load balancers, which allow you to distribute traffic among several of your servers with just a few clicks
—Secure connections between local computers and your server via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
—Scalability of server resources

What MS SQL database edition do you offer with Windows VPS?

We provide the MS SQL Express Edition with all our Windows Cheap Windows VPS Hosting India plans. In case you wish to have any other higher version, feel free to reach out to us. we will upgrade it without any data lose or downtime.

Can you help me with a cloud migration?

LIVEMNC Data Center is offering Affordable Windows VPS along with free cloud migration of business workloads. Qualifying projects are eligible for free infrastructure credits to make the transition at no additional cost.

Do you offer IPv6 support?

Yes, we do. Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address with an option to add more.

How many IPv4 addresses are included?

Our each Low Cost Windows VPS includes one IPv4 address. If you need more IPv4 addresses, they can be purchased as add-ons after server deploymen.

Can I have more RDP sessions in my Windows server?

By default, two concurrent sessions are available for Windows RDP. If you want more, you must order RDS CALs from Microsoft, or let us know so that we will arrange for you.

What is the Difference Between a VPS and VPN-VPS vs VPN?

VPS hosting is a service that allows you to host your website on a virtual server environment, while a VPN is a user-oriented tool that lets you browse the web safely and securely. Probably the only thing that a VPS and VPN have in common (beyond a closely-related acronym) is the virtualization aspect of each of the services.
They both serve completely different needs, although as a user you can rely upon both services. For example, if you have a large and high-traffic website you can use VPS hosting to host your site. Then, you can use VPN software while you’re accessing the internet to manage your site, to protect any data you’re sending over the internet.
VPS and VPN are two commonly confused terms. Essentially, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a form of web hosting, while a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service and technology that allows you to remain completely private and anonymous when using the web.

LIVEMNC Data Center™ Cheap Windows VPS Plans-

  • XLarge VPS
  • ₹ 4,000 /Month
  • 4 Core
    8 GB RAM
    200 GB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

  • Buy Now
  • XXXLarge VPS
  • ₹ 4,500 /Month
  • 4 Core
    16 GB RAM
    200 GB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

  • Buy Now
  • Medium VPS
  • ₹ 6,000 /Month
  • 4 Core
    32 GB RAM
    500 GB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

  • Buy Now
  • XXLarge VPS
  • ₹ 13,200 /Month
  • 16 vCPU
    64 GB RAM
    1 TB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

  • Buy Now