Colocation Services

LiveMNC is one of the top data center in India. It is a best data center service provider in its corporate business as well as an emerging leader in all other forms of media, concluding TV, Magazines, Online News, Web Hosting, Web Hosting data center out of home and many more.

LiveMNC brings a wide range of disordered and ordered Colocation services in India and US with seven different Data Center locations to connect with small, medium and large Organization Business needs. Our best data center facilities are completely furnish with double fiber entry points, battery backups, diesel generators, HVAC compressors, fire suppression and multiple bandwidth providers.

LiveMNC is a Best Data Center company brings 24×7 on-location experts and engineers are also available to help customers round the clock. We always stick to our words as well as responsibility and never fall out of it and for that we permit and suggest our colocation hosting consumers to come to our best data center company before deployment of their server hardware. Our best colocation services brings you relief from the stress of maintaining your hardware network services, and added task that you required to check on. We decrease your responsibilities when you own web servers, with our sophisticated colocation solution. We will do entirely which a server requires to stay up and running at full length and for that you need to do is to place your hardware in our atmosphere.

LiveMNC provides affordable colocation service as well as cheapest colocation service, so there is no matter that what your occupation is, how many servers you require to collocate and how much bandwidth you require. LiveMNC provides dedicated racks for its customers.

Colocation Services

Keys of LiveMNC Infrastructure

  • Multiple Battery Backups
  • Multiple Bandwidth Provider
  • Redundant Diesel Generators
  • 24×7 Rapid Action Support

Facilities provides in LiveMNC

  • Hosting on secure High Availability Hosting Infrastructure
  • Superior performance, scalability, reliability and connectivity
  • Options for backups
  • 99% guarantee of power supply
  • Managed colocation option