Global Traffic Director Services

LiveMNC Global Traffic Director permits the controller to detect and optimize traffic flow among numerous virtual private servers which is based on the geographical position of the representative. The present human-race requirement is for speedy as well as faster and constant web access and you will be hold to do best in the competitive field, if your website provides the demands of the users. Best Global Traffic Director assist you by shielding endure responsive to user query and provide relevant content.

How Global Traffic Director Configured?

Setting up top Global Traffic director service is quick and simple. It is used to establish the querying client on the world map and allows the controller channelize it to the nearest possible regional server. It also assist in recognize numerous server locations top route towards the right region servers. For occurrence, if a search query is from Asia, The Global Traffic Director will head-on the clients to Asian cloud, using any-cost network. In the same manner, if a query comes from UK, it will direct by the clouds of UK. This manner of best web traffic makes sure of quick and real time outcome. To lift a failover at an actual time and to acquire better as well as perfect achievement, the technique can also be integrated with load-balancing. LiveMNC top load-balancing solution make certain to boost website availability and ralibility as well as accuracy as the result the end users experience excellent web performance.

LiveMNC top traffic director brings IP routing based on geographical solution which gives permission to the administrator to optimize traffic flow which is based on the geographical location of the end user. By segmenting traffic, regional traffic can be distributed between the data centers and servers which can expand the presentation of DNS.

LiveMNC best traffic directors when amalgamation with services such as Load Balancing, comes as a result in network optimization and improved capability. Therefore result in improved availability as well as opportunity redundant network points.

Europe (middle-east)

LiveMNC best traffic director solution is rated per domain per year added on to our best data center service provider. You must have experienced with us to avail of best traffic director.