Email Hosting Solutions

LiveMNC is one among the top web hosting companies in India, to sponsor better dealing of messages via internet, business need to follow advanced technology that will let employee’s conversation easily. Its bulk mailing solution is simple and workable option that covers all the necessary things. At anyhow, it is your want of an email hosting resolution for business that assists you to build your own brand, value and presence.

For the expert’s conversation on the Internet, business needs to follow advanced technology that will in favor of best communication. Using free email source is simple and easy to manage that covers entire basics.

LiveMNC develop itself into providing email hosting services, either on devoted server or essential private server, easily direct your need and we will cover it for you. By our best hosting services, we impressively manage your conversation platform on the other hand you can give more attention on your business area. We continuously make sure of cutting down your outgoing cost and worries of maintaining your server.

As a top ten hosting provider, we present your server in a safe atmosphere; we provide you certain guarantee in the matter of protection, support, security and honesty. You can assist by us at any time when you require with up to 99.99% guarantee and with our 24×7 quick support and action. Behind all this, our experts monitor your servers round the clock, so the chances of technical issues are almost low.

In place of appointing a team of experienced people or manufacturing an in-house hosting atmosphere, you can let to assist you for take care your servers. If you use our email hosting solution your mode of communication will never get affected.

Reasons for using Email Hosting

We design hosting server by standard safety amount and guarantee to give solutions that let you approach your email server safely. Email servers are provided in dedicated and top VPS hosting environment that gives a full structure connection and control properties. We give all the benefits with added profit of round the clock benefits and most uptime guarantee. So if you need our help to manage your server we are there for you.

Instead of hiring a group of professionals or manufacture an in-house atmosphere, you can let us take care for your servers. By using our best email hosting solution, your way of conversation will never decrease.

It can easily manage your mail account

By using our best hosting service you can give attention to your business area more and more on the other hand we impressively manage your conve5rsation platform. With our help you can focus on your business area and we deal with your server.

Anti Virus and Anti spam Safety

We give safety against spam and virus that keep your mailbox clean and free from security danger.

Round the Clock Support

You can use our 24×7 rapid action solution that helps you to take our help whenever you need whatever your problem are will solve it and give you the best solution.

Server Uptime

We give you full guarantee in terms of protection, support and loyalty, we host your servers in a safe atmosphere and we provide you 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Tech Support

Our technicians monitor our servers round the clock so the chances of technical problems are almost low.