Server Clustering

To rule out the difficulty of single servers and economy it charges server clustering came into work with its host of quality over each web server.While each hardware transfer quality-oriented output,to improve the advance level,currently Live MNC provide best clustering services in order to better productivity. It managed virtual private cloud servers.

Server clustering is a technique of team that individually servers for providing better flexibility,scalability and possibility.This technique is mostly structured for application which command with rapidly updated data.With the help of server clustering,not one,but a number of server will handle your data as application are distributed across the server instances that further eliminated the concern related to major informatio,traffic or storage space.Easily put,the plan is to decrease the line of responsibility from a individual machine in order to decrease the inefficiency.

Applying the approach can be costly but Live MNC as a cheapest server provider, have made this services easier to suit every budget.

The Qualities of Server Clustering

Better network performance

Work load is distributed among many host servers that boost speed and reliability,this improve all conduct.

High Availability

Due to better network ability software applications and databases run without any distubance in service.Thats why in the matter of node failure, the load is redistributed to the other server instances on the same machine, sponsoring business continuity.


The capacity of managing more load enables adding more server instances to address increasing business demand.

Fast and Easy Configuration

Server configure simply and rapidly without taking a long time for each instance. Provide us with your clustering need and we will structured the correct server clustering idea only for you.So be in touch with us to get more information about our services.