SSL Certificates for Web Applications

There are several fake sites, phishing and online fraud which come at commonplace but an SSL Certificate is one of the trusted ways for consumers to feel safe when they are doing transactions based on web. At the time when you install it your province will show a seal of believe that provide you assurance of safety.

SSL digital Certificates are not only for e-commerce site but also for the requirement of your application to transmit hidden data among your server and the browser of your clients. LiveMNC provides best ssl digital certificates.

Offerings of LIVEMNC SSL Digital Certificate

  • Domain support
  • Structure/ multi domain Validation
  • Expanded Validation
  • Multi-Domain SAN ( Subject Alternative Name) Certificate
  • Wildcard Domain

Introduction about SSL digital Certificates

SSL Digital Certificates is a small data file that digitally blind a cryptographic key to an enterprise details which when installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and permits preserved integration from a web server to a browser. It is an acronym for a preserved sockets layer, a security protocol which used digital certificates and creates a hidden connectivity among web server and visitor’s web server.

The ways of working of SSL Digital Certificates at LIVEMNC

SSL is a security protocol that preserves your data during your data transfers from your server to the client’ server.

The ways are given below;

  • A browser or server attempts to connect to a website as well as a web server secured with SSL, and send a client “hello” to requests that the web server describe about itself.
  • The web server sends the server a copy of its SSL Certificates.
  • The browser or user verify it as a trustful or not, if it is user sends a message to the web server.
  • Te web server sends back a digital signed to start an SSL encrypted session.
  • Server will then decrypt the message using personal key and manage the session key. A transaction established a preserved communication pipe, user browser and server will now began to use session key to send information.
  • The transactions ensured browser and server have the session key conversation is preserved.

What is the purpose of using SSL Certificates?

The basic reason of using SSL Certificate is to make a secure connection; the session key is used to hide all transmitted data. Data transmitted over SSL Connection cannot be tempered.

What is the trustful seal for SSL Certificates?

A trust seal is a logo which is displayed on web sites that verifies that web site have been validated by a particular certifying authority and are using their SSL Certificate to preserve their sites.

Types of SSL Certificates:

  • Domain validated SSL certificate
  • Extended validation SSL certificate
  • Wild card certificates and Subject Alternative Name are the special kind of SSL certificates

How many domains can be secured by SSL Certificate Secure?

SSL server certificate can secure only a domain name or per domain name per server. Special SSL Certificate like Wild Card Certificate and SAN Certificate preserves multiple domain and sub-domain