LiveMNC is top Data Center Service provider in India. The group key brands conclude LiveMNC as the best data center company. It provides best colocation services having exceptional accuracy as well as reliability, connectivity, and security for your server, storage and network infrastructure. Our dedicated data center is strategically situated at important business centers across India. The supplement proximity make sure speedy and simple access to entire contracted data center facilities (like space, power, cooling, climate control, security etc.), at the time when you select.

Choosing as a part of world’s largest data centers, LiveMNC provide you a powerful facilities as well as global leading services like SLAs and best colocation service and managed hosting services. Our customer’s takes advantage from our nearly two decades of experience around colocation structure, data center migration and security.

For real time reporting and inventory monitoring and tracking, our best colocation service provider conclude online portal. We also provide 24×7 live supports with our well qualified as well as experienced team.

Features for what you should choose LiveMNC Colocation Services

Leader in colocation service

LiveMNC provide its colocation service at some of the largest place in India and across it. It has minimum two decades of colocation experience. With its capacity, day by day it increases its years of experience.

24x7 live facilities

LiveMNC provide multi route fiber redundancy as well as backups like UPS system and diesel generator and redundant precision climate control system. 99.99% uptime surety of networks and powers.

Best Security Provider

LiveMNC Dedicated Data Center located in private campus with its best and storing infrastructure. It also provides CCTV Monitoring on all the access point and Multi-zone physical security etc.

Fully Customized

You found simple provisioning for high density racks. You also provide multiple service options to suit special enterprise need and entire customization on security, cabling and power feed.

Flexible rack option

LiveMNC provide per-server colocation service, custom-designed racks with half, or full-rack space with cage option.

Advance support

We provide entire support with automated alarm; server reboots multiple support option like (24×7 advance support, business day advance support).