Enterprise Bandwidth Services

LiveMNC is a leader in its corporate business as well as an emerging leader in all forms of media such as TV, Magazine, Online News, Web Hosting, Data Center and Web Hosting out of home and much more. LiveMNC is a best data center Service provider, its ways of providing services are based on the modern requirements. It provides multiple bandwidth services.

LiveMNC Bandwidth Services brings you the advantage of high-performance network plan with quick scalability and unparallel availability. Its local area network designed in such a suitable manner that connects active scalability with bandwidth changing requirements for hosting customers. The network is continuously monitored for packet loss, latency and round trip time intervals. LiveMNC is the best data center service provider brings you choice to select among rate-based plans and volume-based plans.

We are accustomed to support a wide range of internet bandwidth service which makes us best bandwidth provider for both large and small enterprises globally. We desire to bring point-to-point connectivity services for our consumers. We built redundancy which is perfect for your business with the access of connectivity from several service providers.

Why LiveMNC Bandwidth Services?

Several Service Options

  • For fixed bandwidth needs, we provide Capped Bandwidth.
  • For transferring data, we provide Ethernet bandwidth.
  • We provide Customized connectivity for high bandwidth needs.
  • We provide dedicated links which is based on point-to point manner.

Reliable and Scalable

  • It built-in redundancy which is perfect for your occupation with the access of connectivity from multiple service provider.
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Gigabit port for high bandwidth needs