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Looking for a better HRMS hosting experience? LIVEMNC™ Cloud hosting for HRMS is purpose built and expertly configured for optimal power, flexibility, speed and security. Host your top Rated CRM and HRMS Software or application is on our Fully Managed Cloud Hosting in India.
LIVEMNC DATA CENTER™ Cloud Hosting gives you access to professionals with expertise, Host any CRM software on enterprise-grade servers that goes way beyond standard payroll compliance to include health care benefits, retirement plans, workers’ compensation, and HR. LIVEMNC Provide cloud server for Enterprise Software (ERP, CRM, HRMS, Mobility, BI Analytics)- Intuitive solutions on cloud with integrated features like Accounting, Payroll, Inventory & Filing of all compliances.
Our high performance ERP, CRM and HRMS Cloud Servers with full root access, powered by Intel® Xeon® CPUs and SSD SAN storage. Load balancers · Unlimited traffic · Free choice of Windows and Linux operating system. Personal Consultant. Maximum Security. Full Root Access. Expert Support.

Here are a few of the benefits our customers receive from hosting their applications in the cloud-

Full Access with Enterprise SSD Storage– With our VPS and dedicated server plans you will get full root access. All our servers are integrated with enterprise-class SSD drives.
Robust Security– Protect your CRM data with advanced cloud security methods such as firewall, antivirus 256-bit data encryption.
Backup with Real-time Sync– Our backup system is fully automated and Synchronize all your marketing, sales, and customer experience data on a real-time basis.
Have The Ability To Work Remotely– All you need is your preferred iOS, Mac, Windows or Android device and an internet connection.
Fully Customize or On-demand Scaling– Upgrade or downgrade your CRM hosting plan according to the requirements and pay only for the resources you are using.
Up-time– LIVEMNC Cloud Hosting guarantees 99.999% uptime with built-in business is always up and running.
Free Migration Transfer– We are happy to migrate your website and software. We’ll perform a planned migration to ensure it goes problem free with no downtime.
Experienced Technicians– We’re not just server admins. We have well experience with ERP software that you can utilize at any time.
The web-based cloud server is the new and trending cloud-hosted HR solution to make this software more accessible to small dedicated remote teams. The LIVEMNC ERP and HRMS cloud infrastructure maintains the highest standards of security and puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy and data. All data is stored in highly secure, compliant data centers.
Activate your LIVEMNC Cloud Dynamics CRM Cloud with Dynamics ERP for Business with livemnc top 10 payroll software in india. livemnc has provided Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Services to hundreds of Dynamics ERP and CRM customers. Our certified teams with experience and expertise in cloud hosting understand the complexities and challenges of a CRM Cloud Hosted Dynamics environment.
Our hr software in india, payroll software list with CRM and HRMS web hosting service is fully managed and comes with everything you’ll need to be up and running in minutes. livemnc are professional CRM Hosting providers you can count on with 99.99%+ uptime and more than a decade of experience. we’ve invested heavily in building a fast, secure and stable platform to host your CRM system.
LIVEMNC is a flexible and powerful cloud hosting service created for CRM, HRMS, and all third-party applications and customizations. LIVEMNC provides all the benefits of the cloud plus top 10 hrms software in india with the world-class customization capabilities of the HRMS environment, allowing for the use of specialized developer products and custom programming.
Simplified solutions and outcomes backed with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning that combines various HR Tech functions of Human Resources Management System.​ livemnc Cloud Hosting offers HRMS cloud hosting on high-performance computing cloud servers. This makes sure that all the tasks are performed parallelly without any delay due to slow processing. buy dedicated server hosting services also offers the flexibility you need to get the most out of your HRMS with us, you can add resources and integrate additional 3rd-party applications at any time as your needs change.
LIVEMNC Cloud is a flexible and powerful cloud hosting service created for CRM,  HRMS, and all third-party applications and customizations. LIVEMNC provides all the benefits of the cloud plus the world-class customization capabilities of the environment, allowing for the use of specialized developer products and custom programming.
LIVEMNC’s HR cloud platform that software is easy to deploy and ensures that customers can setup their own application almost immediately and benefit from a secure and scalable architecture without having to go through complex and time consuming software and hardware installations With livemnc’s HR SAAS on cloud integration with most other IT systems is easy and seamless. The top of the line Integration platform, powers livemnc’s Cloud based HRMS which ensures and easy and seamless integration with most ERP applications.
With LIVEMNC HRMS on Cloud, clients are always on the latest version of LIVEMNC, there are no capital Costs and Investments in hardware with our attendance and payroll software, and they can easily integrate with most other technology platforms. And, users can conveniently access our software anytime, anywhere and on any device. Feature-rich HRMS for remote teams to automate HR tasks. Deployment within a day. Cloud based solution, customizable, affordable prices.
Collecting payroll data with hr payroll software india for Human ResourcesYour HR teams immediately receive field data while maintaining control of the payroll process. LIVEMNC offers a cloud-based CRM solution to address marketing, customer relationship and service effectiveness. We offers a strong HR and payroll options for India while having add-on extensions for other countries where you may operate.
Sometimes you need to combine the security of a private cloud hosting with public cloud hosting services. We can bring together private and public cloud hosting, dedicated servers, collocated hardware, and backup services to design and implement a hybrid cloud hosting solution provider.
Enterprise level Cloud Hosting Technology– Using livemnc cloud There are no limits on HRMS integrations or customizations, and with OnDemand Licensing you can upgrade your SQL, OS, and MS Office at any time.
Beyond HRMS Application Hosting- While Cloud at Work is focused on providing hosted HRMS applications, our technology is capable of providing Virtual Desktops, as well as hosting of any other 3rd party application.
Network Connectivity-  Tier3 data center, High Speed Fiber Optic Network, Multiple, Diverse Fiber Feeds to Data Center, Carrier Neutral, High Availability & Resilient Internet Connectivity.
Increased Application Availability Performance– As a public cloud service providers have multiple, geographically dispersed data centers, and have provisions to deploy customer applications closer to the end user delivering better response times and decreased outage 10Gb Backbone.
Data control risks – If sensitive data is being hosted on the public cloud, then it is important to screen the service providers for strong security controls, data backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies implemented by them to prevent System downtime/ Data loss etc.
Recoverability– We store backups in multiple secure locations and update them every day to mitigate data loss risk.
If your organization is ready for the cloud but not ready to change your on-premise HRMS system– LIVEMNC best employee management software in india Cloud at Work is the HRMS hosting option for you. Our cloud hosting solution for HRMS takes all the work out of running, maintaining & backing up your critical HRMS software so you can focus on running your business & not worry about running your system.
LIVEMNC’s best hrms and payroll software in india that CRM Software Hosting helps you to host any customer relationship management system (Open-Source or Proprietary) on our Tier-3 data center, including, Noida Datacenter or Mumbai Datacenter location with top-notch security measures like firewalls, data encryption, antivirus, Intrusion Detection System, and many more. To this day, we continue to be the best in the list of managed CRM Hosting providers in India and serving thousands of clients worldwide.
Recruit with the hr software list india, best talent and manage payroll from anywhere in the world with your cloud-hosted HRMS. LIVEMNC Cloud platform comes in list of hrms companies in india, comprehensive Human Resource Management System that helps you manage all things employee-related, from recruiting to retention, benefits, compliance, payroll, and more.
Our Best hr software for small businesses in india, We provide hosting and support for over 27+ different ERP/CRM and HRMS software that comes fully managed and purpose built with your business in mind. From enhanced security to disaster recovery backups and from enterprise hardware to optimized software stacks, we’ve put together the perfect combination of speed and dependability for your ERP solution.
Manage and organize your customer with best hr software for startups, lessen your IT expenses and experience worry-free security when you host on your CRM in the livemnc cloud platform. we are in top list of hrms companies in india, livemnc has been providing ERP, CRM and HRMS hosting and solutions for almost a decade now. We’re strategists, developers, technicians, consultants and users our self. We’re ready to help you succeed by supporting your business and ERP.
Our dedicated cloud hosting has been designed to be strong enough to support your goals while flexible enough to grow along side you as your business needs change. Our cloud hosted HRMS is cost efficient, and includes extra features and benefits that shared hosting providers don’t typically list as an option. We offer additional add-on services such as 2-factor authentication and 3rd-party application integration, and can perform software updates upon request.
We offer highly efficient data management features supported by our Cloud platform with a strong HRMS software. Our SaaS HR Software is well-known to deliver every demand put forward by all types of HR enthusiasts. Be it centralization of data, security & privacy of confidential information or storage deficit.
We have account managers, specialized consultants, and dedicated support professionals that make up top-notch CRM and HRMS support services at livemnc. We are a cheapest, affordable with top cloud hosting service provider for HRMS, CRM and ERP software’s hosting for all start up, professional, and enterprise users.
LIVEMNC Cloud Hosting provides payroll accounting services to fit the needs of any size business. Our world-class team gives you access to experts dedicated to helping you adhere to federal, state, and local regulations, reducing your expenses, and helping your business run more efficiently. Reliable Hosting Solutions For Your HRMS and ERP Needs. Choose from, VPS, Cloud Dedicated & Specialized WordPress hosting. 1-Click WP Install & More Features, SSL & CDN. Free Site Migration.
LIVEMNC has made a Global Presence by providing its Next Generation ERP Solutions classified as ERP, CRM and A fully automated HRMs 100% over the cloud that can craft new business deals for any industry seeking to make a Global Exposure and expanding their Territory’s. Utilizes an end-to-end approach for security, helping protect your data. Delivers the most scalable technology and best user experience by seamlessly leveraging your trusted CRM and HRMS Cloud partner, with the added benefit of security, reliability, flexibility and cost savings that comes with livemnc cloud deployment.
LIVEMNC Thread offers powerful and effective cloud based platform that payroll and HR management software which is trusted by thousands of users across India. livemnc offer cloud server for your complete online HR solution. Automate and simplify your HR operations with our easy-to-use and customizable HR software. livemnc provides the best cheapest hosting servers for HRM software, payroll software in India which is a Modern IT infrastructure facilitates multi-layered server security.
Personalize the approach to implementing AI in your business to meet the changing expectations of your employees that connects human resource management and information technology through our HR-Software on Cloud technology. HR leaders are moving to a cloud-based HRMS for the benefits they can reap such as those found in our Cloud HRMS.
LIVEMNC Cloud Hosting provides a flexible cloud platform to integrate as many third-party add-ons with hosted livemnc HRMS as required by the business. It can help the business to centralize the complete employee details.
LIVEMNC is the top hrms companies in india, our Cloud Hosting Offers A Range of Payroll Services To Reduce Expenses and Increase Peace of Mind. In fact, cloud hosting can further enhance your customer relationship management (CRM)software’s capabilities since you’re able to integrate additional applications or use it with another version of application or software.
LIVEMNC Provide Cloud platform where you host your  powerful and complete HRMS and Payroll Software that helps Companies automate their HR and Payroll workflows without spending a single penny. Fuel your HRMS now with world class emerging cloud servers. We work more than just deploying CRM and HRMS solutions in enterprises level Cloud. LIVEMNC cloud platform helps you manage leave and attendance, Payroll, Payout, end to end.
HRMS Transformation on the Cloud-
To be an agent of change, HR needs to choose the right HRMS in the cloud to manage the entire employee lifecycle. Disparate, on-premises solutions, where core HR functions such as payroll and benefits are processed in separate HRMS, are not integrated with those used for talent management, workforce optimization, and learning. Get the Best Cloud Payroll Software in India. Get rolling with a cloud-based payroll software that’s secure, scalable and maintenance-free on LIVEMNC Cloud Platform.
Why Customers Move HRMS on Cloud-
A human resources cloud platform that delivers an adaptable and flexible solution to meet ever-changing business practices, regulations, and environments ensures a business’ ability to stay agile and connected.
With the complete HRMS Cloud solution, you can manage the entire employee lifecycle, integrate with key lines of business—including finance and sales—and gain speed, security, and innovation through the LIVEMNC infrastructure foundation.
Customers can easily upgrade to our powerful HR cloud software to drive greater business value through elegant user engagement, streamlined processes, increased productivity, and lower cost of ownership.
Data Security and Privacy Controls– By moving your HRMS to the Cloud, organizations get multilayered security features, data encryption by default, and state-of-the-art data centers. Our HR cloud platform offers identity and security management, scalability, availability, and performance by running on our best-in-class Cloud Infrastructure.
Power & Flexibility of livemnc ERP and HRMS Cloud with Simplicity of Fully Managed Servers by livemnc. Zero Risk. The Most Intuitive Cloud based Payroll Management With Features To meet Your Requirements. Automate HR tasks & employee attendance in minutes with LIVEMNC
Cloud Hosting with cPanel · ‎Linux KVM VPS Hosting · ‎Managed VPS Hosting . CRM and HRMS Cloud
With LIVEMNC Server CRM and HRMS Cloud Software- your employees can easily declare their tasks, working hours, holidays or absences and other information necessary for payroll, allowing LIVE and integrated monitoring of work. Today, HR organizations have access to new innovative technology and real-life HRMS cloud solutions to drive business value.
A better way to manage your sales, projects, team, clients & marketing on our best hr and payroll software in india with our cloud servers single platform. Our cloud technology make Powerful, affordable & easy to use software for your business. The livemnc cloud platform serves the full range of Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop shops with open-source, cloud-based, and mobile CRM products for sales, marketing, and customer support.
Streamline HR Process & Save Money With The Complete Solution For The Modern Workplace. The Most Intuitive Cloud based Payroll Management With Features To meet Your Requirements. Automate HR tasks & employee attendance in minutes, host your HRMS, CRM or ERP on LIVEMNC Cloud based platform. Choosing the best Cloud HRMS hosting that software in India can be a quite daunting task, With cloud hosting, there’s no upfront cost, whereby reasonable. Human Resource Management System (On Cloud). We are the provider of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based Human Resource Management System on our cloud based platform.
LIVEMNC Cloud Platform offers HRMS is human resource management system software that delivers tightly integrated HR, payroll, benefits, and attendance functionality, plus rich reporting and analysis tools.
LIVEMNC Virtual Private Cloud is a 100% Virtual Private environment for organizations who place extreme value on redundancy, security, and availability. It’s a 100% SLA backed solution that provides the most economical way to securely host your ERP, CRM and HRMS software.
LIVEMNC HRMS focused Cloud SolutionPurpose built and expertly configured for optimal power, flexibility, speed and security.
Enterprise-level Cloud Hosting TechnologySaaS Experience, Tailored to Fit Your Organization
CRM ERP for Accounting– Accounting management software which offers you the best for your business.
CRM ERP For Inventory– Inventory management software designed to help small and growing businesses.
CRM ERP Purchasing– Predictive tools for estimating inventory shortages while minimizing overages and excess stock.
CRM ERP Payroll– Feature rich Payroll made so simple. You’ll feel in control.
CRM ERP Sales– Basic and advanced tools for managing assembly lines and multi-tiered BOM production cycles.
What is CRM?
CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and it’s software that stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as keeps track of customer activity like website visits, phone calls, email, and more.
It refers to a suite of software that organizations use to manage internal HR functions. From employee data management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement, and employee attendance, HRMS software helps HR professionals manage the modern workforce.
What does CRM do?
Actively tracks and manages customer information.
Connects your entire team from any device.
Intelligently captures customer emails.
Simplifies repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on leads.
Delivers instant insights and recommendations.
Extends and customises as your business grows.

What are the advantages of moving HRMS to the cloud?

Leverage your investment: ERP, CRM and HRMS applications are robust, comprehensive ERP applications that have been growing in functionality for decades. Moving to HRMS to a hosting provider allows you to best leverage the continuing value of the application. Through hosting, you gain access to modern infrastructure that will enable you to continue to take full advantage of your ERP solution for years to come.
Fixed monthly cost: With most HRMS cloud hosting deployments, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for the services you select. No more worries about server updates or budgeting for hardware upgrades.
Data security: When you’re operating your own on-premises servers, you retain complete control over security. On the other hand, if mismanaged, on-premise servers can leave an organization vulnerable to security threats.
Data security in the cloud is handled by your CSP. Reputable CSPs take their data security responsibilities very seriously. Most rely on the very latest and most sophisticated security tools to keep customers’ data safe.
  • XLarge Cloud
  • ₹ 4,000 /Month
  • 4 Core
    16 GB RAM
    200 GB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

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  • XXXLarge Cloud
  • ₹ 5500.00 /Month
  • 4 Core
    32 GB RAM
    500 GB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

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  • XXLarge Cloud
  • ₹ 6,000 /Month
  • 4 Core
    32 GB RAM
    500 GB SATA
    5 TB Bandwidth
    4 IP Pool (1 Usable IP)
    1 Gbps Up-link port

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