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Cloud Computing Services– The Need of the Modern Digital Era

Brand New Premium Hardware— Powered by LIVEMNC DATA CENTER™

LIVEMNC Data Center™ specialized cloud platform provider that offers top 10 Cloud Hosting Services in wide range of products under its name like cheap cloud servers, block storage, managed cloud hosting, load balancers, and more. we are a Champions of blazing-fast web performance, hosting pairs its high-powered infrastructure with cloud-based redundancy and scalability. Modernise data environments faster with less risk from advanced analytics, machine learning and AI to ransomware protection and disaster recovery edge to cloud with livemnc. Experience the Latest in Cloud Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence on livemnc Cloud platform.

LIVEMNC DC™— India’s Largest Carrier Neutral Data Center

LIVEMNC Data Center™ supports a various open source platform like MongoDB, Redis, Python, Perl and more. We provide assistance and services according to customer feedback. With the help of OpenStack, one can create a customized server. As company offers easily scalable upgrades like memory, storage, and CPU etc. With livemnc, you will get full root access. It includes Nginx, MySQL, PHP 7, Apache, Memcached, and Varnish Cache, among other core systems.

LIVEMNC Data Center™ worldwide Data Centers— The choice of industry leaders everywhere


Built on Robust Bare metals for Dedicated Performance

Try our Computing, Networking, Database, Storage, and Security products, ideal for all industries. Highly available and elastic, excellent performance-
Fast memory, Latest Intel CPUs (Ice lake), Easy-to-use console, deploy within a few clicks, Highly available and elastic, excellent performance, Real-time scalability, Enhanced security features such as Enclave and vTPM, Affordable, easy-to-deploy cloud services for all your needs.
100% Intel cores- High performance Intel CPUs guarantee consistent performance.
Resource Monitoring Dashboard- Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js and Docker support.
C-PANEL for Management– Industry leading cPanel pre-installed on top of a Shared Cloud web hosting architecture to ensure the product is easy to use.
Integrated Caching– Make your projects ultra quick with in-built cache manager. Remember, fast websites and high search engine rank are closely related.
Enterprise-Grade Hardware– Our cloud servers are configured with powerful Intel Xeon Processors and super-fast SSD drives. This helps to deliver the top-notch performance of your web application.
Maximum Security– auto-updates on web apps, FREE SSL, hack protection, custom firewall, and DDoS protection to keep your websites safe in our Managed Cloud Hosting/ Support Packages.

Global Availability— Tier III Data Center

LIVEMNC™ owns and operates 6 Data Centers across the Globe. Highly secure and reliable place to store your data.
For Startup, Professional and Enterprise plan owners we offer data centres located in: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, and India
Scalable Infra, 2X Faster Speeds, Unmetered Storage & More with cPanel for Management. Lightening Fast Speed, Zero Service Interruption, & Premium Hardware.
LIVEMNC offers the best cloud hosting via connections with leading cloud services including AWS (Amazon Web Server), Google & LIVEMNC Cloud Platform. Layering security and management on top, pricing is flexible, and you can choose data center locations for optimal performance.
LIVEMNC one of the largest cloud hosting providers in the India, offers services to small businesses and enterprises via highly-flexible plans. Utilizing “Droplets”, or virtual CPUs, customers can buy as many as required, for the ultimate in scalable cloud hosting.
LIVEMNC’s huge cloud computing platform was built for the world’s largest companies, but can help smaller businesses too. You can add all sorts of extra elements to packages, while its highly-secure hosting is market-leading.
With our fully managed cloud servers, you get full support from the experts that are certified in all the leading cloud computing technologies. Our managed cloud platform saves you the pain and complexity of managing it yourself.

Automatic Failover and Disaster Recovery

Automatic failover is the process of automatically moving an application to a standby server during a failure or service event to preserve its uptime. Create automatic failover with site recovery in livemnc.
LIVEMNC Data Center™ Cloning enables the user to make the full copy of their contents and link it with the IP failover feature so that in the case of any downfall it automatically switch to the other server with the same configuration.
Automatic Failover– If we detect a hardware issue, we automatically move your site to another server, ensuring that your site is always up and you never lose traffic.
If we detect a hardware issue, we automatically move your site to another server, ensuring that your site is always up and you never lose traffic.
Even the largest cloud providers can experience outages that result in application downtime and data loss. Protect your applications with a multicloud disaster recovery strategy that’s as simple as an API change to ensure business continuity
Data Mover provides automatic failover support when multiple Data Mover servers are configured in a active-standby configuration. To use the automatic failover feature, two additional monitoring severs are required to monitor the active and standby components

Certified Hyper converged Infrastructure

Our data centers are among the most secure and most modern in the world. We are ISO certified and backed by our commitment to provide the you with the highest levels of uptime. A cloud gives you a robust infrastructure and you can be rest assured about the uptime and stability. Our servers are built in collaboration with leading technology partners like Dell, HP, Supermicro and Cisco.
Our infrastructure-as-a-service platform is supported by our Next Generation Network, advanced APIs, comprehensive services, and a vast library of educational resources and is deployed across 11 global markets from our data centers around the world. livemnc’s products, services, and people make it easier and more cost-effective for developers and businesses to build, deploy, and scale cloud applications.
The managed cloud computing solutions with Affordable Price have been designed with the guidance and assistance of expert professionals to help our clients meet their business goals in no less time. livemnc’s cloud server hosting price are very cheap, we have on-site datacenter and hands-on involvement with configuring and provisioning cloud servers give customers a level of flexibility not seen with many other hosting providers. Champions of blazing-fast web performance, livemnc pairs its high-powered infrastructure with cloud-based redundancy and scalability. Although computing resources are a bit less than competitors, each component is fine-tuned and optimized to the nth degree. We are one of the top 5 best cloud hosting services provider in India. also we are Top 5 Cheap Cloud Web Hosting Providers For WordPress.

High Performance NVMe SSD with raid 1

Give your business a huge boost. Go with Cloud Hosting and Cloud Services with most websites experiencing unpredictable traffic, manual deployment and local server hosting may result to sub optimal infrastructure deployment. livemnc data center cheap cloud hosting with cpanel hosting offers around twenty pricing plans in different categories like standard, optimized and flexible droplets. If you are looking for cheap cloud hosting with Transparency, Innovation, Tolerance, and Spread of Wisdom, then livemnc is the perfect choice to achieve business success. We use our own server shield technology to prevent DDoS attacks.
LIVEMNC as an enterprise is always determined to bring reliable and cost-effective hosting services to its users. Auto cache option for static content automatically boosts your site loading speed and overall performance. Let me sort down a few other features of this best cloud hosting for WordPress. We are offering the Best Cheap Cloud Web Hosting experience for our users through fast, secure, and reliable cloud hosting. Our cheapest cloud provider is strived to keep up its promise to ensure 99.99% server uptime

Automatic Backup to a Snapshot

LIVEMNC Data Center™ offers automatic backup as an option on compute instances. Backups are essential for mission-critical systems, and the livemnc backup system adds data-protection with one easy-to-manage feature.
Our snapshot system can be used to create copies of existing servers and automate deployments. this is useful if you need to restore the snapshot to a different server, or preserve a backup so it doesn’t automatically delete at the next scheduled backup.
We are the Top 10 Best and Cheap Cloud hosting Provider India. Take advantage of best cloud hosting in India with cost effective Cloud Server Hosting services. Here after our utmost efforts, we compiled a best cheap cloud hosting providers. livemnc is a well reputable company and receiving much appreciation from its users. livemnc is an excellent option, especially for the developers.
Digital transformation is an evolving component of today’s business reality. Coupled with huge competition and rapid growth in technology, this reality brings more opportunities. It also brings more complexity, demands and decision making. We make our utmost efforts to enlist the low priced cheap cloud hosting packages but reliable to some extent. In our opinion, livemnc is best for developers and advanced users. I strongly recommend you move on with the latest and innovative technology that is nothing but cloud hosting and preferably choose optimal and cost-effective cloud hosting service enduring speed, performance, storage, stability, features, security, and bandwidth. With that experience, I am sharing the knowledge to choose your best cheap cloud hosting service similarly.

Offer Robust Security & Redundancy

From redundant storage networks, backup solutions and firewall rules, to access and data transfer,everything is designed for maximum security.Our scalable private cloud hosting solutions offer robust security, resource customization with complete access control.
Backups– You can backup your data with an industry-leading solution from Acronis.
SSL encryption– For the best possible protection of your data and maximum reassurance for your users, a Wildcard SSL certificate is included with your server.
Firewall management– The external firewall automatically protects you from attacks. Individual firewall rules can be set centrally in the cloud panel.
DDoS protection- Our global scrubbing protects you against DDoS and sustained high-bandwidth attacks by diverting suspect traffic to our scrubbing centers — mitigating the threat and protecting your infrastructure.
For any size of business, bloggers, developers, website designers, or e-commerce, livemnc would be the superlative one being the best and cheap cloud hosting provider which is of a managed type. Experience up to 4x faster hosting. You don’t need to worry about the backend because it’s handled by our team of experts.
Moreover, our cloud hosting services are been structured on the basis of in-depth market analysis of the requirements of the customers from different streams so as to ensure that the results are optimum enough. Not only this, our backup centers also make sure that none of your data is lost ever and is kept safely to let focus on your business operations in a better way. By handling your online business to us, you can be sure that whatever be the scenario, you shall be online in the best way and provide every single need of your client in the most effective manner. livemnc provides supremely scalable and customizable options for the savvy developer or site owner. Customers can customize their cloud environment or choose pre-built configurations optimized to run apps like WordPress, Drupal, and others.

Uptime of 99.9%— Network & Connectivity

We take care of server uptime and monitoring for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Enable business agility with our multi carrier-neutral connectivity services with private, public Hybrid cloud and hosted flexible access solutions. Keep your critical business workloads readily available with best possible performance, stability and user experience. livemnc offers network and connectivity solutions with high speed, optimal performance with associated SLA, scalability and business security.
We upgrade our support services and at least offer live chat that will be very handy. The company offers 100% uptime, and if at any time the company fails to achieve that guarantee then they will be liable to issue the SLA credit. Hence, choose the superior and cheap cloud hosting provider, and don’t worry if you have made a wrong decision earlier. LIVEMNC DATA CENTER 24/7 dedicated support team will assist for easy migration anytime at free of cost.
Put yourself at ease as our team of experts will migrate any size of website or application to our cloud server without any downtime. All the databases and other important files will be moved to our server without a hitch. Simply choose us as your cloud hosting partner and leave the rest to us. India, Europe, USA, Germany? We got you covered! With LIVEMNC Data Center you can setup your VPS in different regions around the globe, to ensure low-latency access for you and your customers. Start today with your first VPS in India.
We believe in Fastest Cloud Web Hosting with Feature Rich, State of the Art cloud Web Hosting. livemnc is one of the finest low-cost cloud hosting companies. We are an Indian web hosting and related services company with offices all over the world. If you are looking for best cloud hosting services at cheap prices that livemnc fulfills your need of by providing best VPS hosting services at cheap prices. Our plans are in very cheap rate in /month which is among the least price for these services in the industry and at the same time they are providing one of the best services in the segment. If you are looking for some excellent and cheapest cloud hosting providers, then you are at the right place as livemnc is excellent too in ensuring maximum uptime, speed, and reliability.

24/7 Expert Technical support

If an issue arises, our server experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll get your issue solved fast, minimizing any downtime. With our fully managed cloud servers, you get full support from the experts that are certified in all the leading cloud computing technologies. Our managed cloud platform saves you the pain and complexity of managing it yourself.
Check Cloud Hosting Plans. Get India’s best Cloud Hosting Services, unlimited Bandwidth. Cheapest Indian cloud hosting, optimized for performance, security and reliability. 100% Server Security. 24*7 Technical Support.
Our Support Team is available to help for any needs you may have with your domain, hosting and online presence. You can contact us using Phone | Chat | Email. If an escalation is necessary you will be provided a ticket number that will be responded to via the support console and email.
LIVEMNC is the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider in India, managed hosting platform is designed to meet a wide variety of demands. livemnc offers Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider in India for everyone. From two cloud hosting plans that leverage the company’s global datacenter presence to a premium service powered by LiveMNC Cloud Platform, you’re sure to find what you need. livemnc is a very cheap cloud hosting provider which offers cheap cloud hosting with cpanel starting in very cheap price in per month bases. Not only the Dedicated hosting we are also one of the cheap cloud hosting providers. Although computing resources are a bit less than competitors.
A cloud web hosting environment allows your web application to utilize on-demand, virtual resources or servers and saves you from investing money into buying new servers Powered by Technologies like Magento, WordPress, Trendy Tools, cPanel, Adobe Coldfusion, and Parallels Plesk. We offers cheapest cloud hosting india some of the most cost-effective cloud hosting on the market today. We are certainly the most affordable options on this list. Our Best SSD-Driven Servers for easy scalability of storage promising 99.99% server uptime, DDoS protection, and all the features to make your website a hit, no matter your business. Cheap Cloud Web Hosting, Unlimited Space, Bandwidth and Unlimited Hosted Domains, build your dream now.

Pre-Integrated Caching– Your page will load from the cloud hosting Server at lightning-fast speed due to optimal caching configuration.
Instant Scaling– No need to move your hosting as your traffic grows. Ramp up your resources at the click of a button – instantly add RAM and CPU without a reboot.
Solid-State Drives (Powerful SSD Storage)- Build your business online with superior and durable SSD hosting servers, which enable faster load times for your website.
CDN (Content delivery network)- Our CDN automatically distributes your website to over 60 data centers around the globe, so it loads extra fast from anywhere.
Firewall– Our web-based firewall solution can be enabled on-demand to protect one or more compute instances. Our firewall intercepts traffic before firewall software on your servers.
Security & Redundancy- Card + Biometric access. 24/7 on-site security. Minimum 2h fire-rated walls. N+1 generator (24hrs full load). 2N and N+2 UPSs.
Backups– Automatic backups are extremely important for mission critical systems. Enable scheduled backups with just a few clicks. Backups of up to six days are automatically stored, letting you recover files from restore points if anything is deleted or lost.
DDoS Protection– DDoS protection is essential for maximum uptime and peace of mind. Our DDoS mitigation system offers protection against layer 3 and layer 4 network attacks. Our distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection safeguards your website from incoming attacks and keeps you online.
LIVEMNC Data Center™ is a one of the top cloud service providers in India with quality web hosting at competitively low prices. Livemnc offers some of the most cost-effective cloud hosting on the market today. We certainly the most affordable options on market. livemnc is always striving to provide the cheap hosting for WordPress and they relatively offer reliable cloud services with low-cost plans.
Cloud hosting is the ideal solution for your e-commerce hosting need and brand value, unlink dedicated server hosting which is limited to single server. Cloud hosting can pull resources from multiple servers to provide higher uptime, seamless scaling, security. Using livemnc cloud hosting you’ll never fall short of server processing, bandwidth or storage no matter how high the workload maybe. Any best services would cost high. But, I suggest you not limit yourself by using such best features considering money. Especially when it comes to hosting, it becomes the foundation for your website or blog’s success level.
So, you are looking for a cheap cloud hosting provider for your business site, isn’t it? I’m sure, your search will be ending here! cheap and best cloud hosting services are available with Speed Optimization, secured features, and excellent customer support. Now, let’s get into the pool to discover such best cheapest cloud hosting providers. Get scalable and flexible cloud hosting india with the best cloud hosting services with livemnc.
We commissioned Cloud Spectator to evaluate the performance of virtual machines (VMs) from three different Cloud Service Providers. Based on the analysis, livemnc’s VM performance was superior in nearly all measured VM performance dimensions. If you are a managed hosting provider choosing a cloud provider our core virtual machines provide you with the power you need at a reasonable price.
For larger companies looking to move an entire server, we recommend LIVEMNC DATA CENTER, which takes advantage of being a large, well-established platform by offering you access to the resources you need to keep your business email, internal apps, and site resources all inside a single system. When it comes to scalability, the sky’s the limit. Give your online project a head start and host your website with one of the fastest web hosting providers in the India. Easy and fast service management merged with secure and scalable infrastructure. Experience the unlimited freedom to develop with Cheapest cloud server providers India.
The best cheap cloud hosting plans still deliver ssd cloud hosting with the supreme scalability and full range of features at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Livemnc provides Fully Managed Cloud Hosting with supremely scalable and customizable options for the savvy developer or site owner. Customers can customize their cloud environment or choose pre-built configurations optimized to run apps like WordPress, Drupal, and others. Deploy your heavy web applications on the managed Cloud platform with Livemnc. livemnc is a managed cheap cloud hosting provider. we are the cheap cloud hosting providers offering Best cloud hosting services in 2022 with reliable services at reasonable prices. Choose the best one plan according to your site or app need.
LIVEMNC offers quality web hosting at competitively low prices. livemnc offers some of the fastest hosting services out there. our cloud plans are no exception. cloud migration services india, as a cloud hosting provider is ideal for those of you who want unmanaged cloud hosting with lightning fast page loading speed. If you are searching for the best Indian  hosting providers in 2022, offering the best-in-class services at an affordable price, livemnc is your go to option. There are many hosting companies who offer affordable  Dedicaed/cloud hosting. Companies top pick is always livemnc for cloud hosting. livemnc data center offering Cloud Shared & Managed Servers provides the best shared hosting with control panel or cloud managed servers with your own disk / RAM / OS flavours. Easily managed & promised best customer technical support.
LVEMNC cloud which is fully managed cloud service and managed by experience cloud experts hosted in OUR IDC in India with backbone of VMware& IBM Server. LIVEMNC is one of the cheapest cloud options in the market. livemnc is 100% SSD powered low cost as well as one of the cheapest cloud hosting providers. we are the best cloud server hosting provider in India, offering efficient and reliable public cloud hosting service at very cheapest cloud hosting in india. If you’re looking for the cheap cloud hosting, then keep reading to find the best one. low cost and cheapest cloud hosting services using which you can save significant money. We offer our tool, It is a caching tool that works on NGINX, Apache, and Memcached, etc. Additionally, they offer Git development kit, SSH & SSF and one click installation of SSL.
Reliable Hosting Solutions For Your Needs. Choose from Shared, VPS, Dedicated & Specialized WordPress. SSL & CDN. Free Site Migration.24×7 Local Support. Blazing Fast India Server. With our fully managed cloud servers, you get full support from the experts that are certified in all the leading cloud computing technologies. Our managed cloud platform saves you the pain and complexity of managing it yourself. Reliable & Affordable Cloud Virtual Private Servers With 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.


At LiveMNC, we provide the best Data Center we and we are the Top 10 cloud server providers in india and Cloud Hosting Services with 99.9% uptime. Our cloud computing services offer the perfect cloud flexibility for your business operations with the help of our cloud hosting programs made available through our best virtual private cloud server. Our diversified data center locations ensure quick response and availability with higher degree of enterprise security.
If you still have not moved to the latest technology, or want the best cloud hosting services, then you have reached your destination. The well-managed best private cloud solutions provided by LIVEMNC are top enterprise dedicated servers, Cloud vps server provider what you need, and here you will find the same in the best way. We are among the best cloud service providers in India who are in dulged in facilitating your specific requirements through our hosting options which are designed with proven techniques and world-class technicians.
We are just not aimed at providing you the improvised performance through managed cloud services, but also aim to let you generate profits in the most efficient manner. Finding the best cloud computing services in India is though a difficult task, LIVEMNC has made it very easy for you With the top world-class data centers which are highly secure, we aim to make you get the most out of the technology. Providing the right cloud infrastructure with conventional resources is into the genes of our company, and we ensure to offer you the top-notch technical support along with the data security services that will lead your online business to generate more than just profits.


LIVEMNC Data Center™ offer the best features in the cheapest price without compromising with the security or service. We offering Best managed cloud hosting solutions offer internet usage democracy by completely changing the ways businesses and consumers store and access data on our cheap cloud hosting server in India. livemnc offer cheapest cloud hosting india along with Reliable & Affordable Cloud Virtual Private Servers With 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
Cloud Server, cloud server India, 55% OFFER, You have come to the right place. livemnc has been Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Services 2022 the leading Indian cloud hosting provider of both affordable and robust cloud hosting solutions. Get Cloud Hosting from India’s No.1 hosting provider with Livemnc and serve your website faster. Fully manages cloud servers with advanced caching to handle more traffic. When it comes to budget no one can beat us .
Affordable hosting solution, Cloud Hosting services cost lower than some traditional hosting solutions. Considering the host of features offered. livemnc Web is the best budget cloud hosting provider in India. A Jaipur based Cloud Hosting livemnc is the best cloud hosting provider in India. LIVEMNC best cloud hosting providers, provides users with easy-to-use, high-performance, low-cost cloud infrastructure. With more locations, livemnc enables low-latency cloud computing around the globe. Fast & Reliable. livemnc is 100% SSD powered low cost as well as one of the cheapest cloud hosting providers. livemnc is the best cloud server hosting provider in India, offering efficient and reliable public cloud hosting service at very cheap price.


Cloud hosting works a little differently than other popular types of hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, or dedicated server hosting. The Best budget cloud hosting provider in India by livemnc data center, as per customers experience. Using cloud services from it since last some years and must say that great support , features and services provider with great reliability and low cost. livemnc is the Best affordable and budget cloud hosting providers in India include. we offer Managed Cloud SSD Hosting Full Of Features.
LIVEMNC provide SSD Storage, for Better performance, speed of Server and customer website. So your visitors gets the best experience on your websites. Best Value for money product at an affordable price with high-end server technologies cloud platforms. When it comes to budget no one can beat LIVEMNC We offer Cheapest Cloud Hosting Services For WordPress In 2022 with the best features in the cheapest price without compromising with the security or service. Our pick for the best cloud hosting is LIVEMNC, which connects you with top providers including Amazon and Google. It layers its own management and security framework on top, offering flexible pricing via hourly or monthly charges depending on your project.
Be it Ads, a personal website or an online shopping platform, you can blindly follow us. Deploy your heavy web applications on the managed Cloud platform with an add on cPanel. And of course support services, many cheap cloud hosting does not even offer the Live Chat option. livemnc fill this gap and provides 24/7/365 support services. We serve the customers via Live Chat, Phone, ticket, mail, personal account manager facility and knowledge base. You should also visit their blog as they published different articles, which are really handy on different aspects. One thing we want to say, our support team is knowledgeable and friendly.

Cloud Benefits

At LiveMNC, we respect your money. Sensibly spend your money by investing in us. We provide the Cheapest Cloud and Web Hosting Services. livemnc is one of the largest cloud hosting providers in the India, but the company caters equally to small businesses and enterprises. Choosing one of the best cloud hosting services for your business ultimately comes down to what your goals are.
Equipped with the latest defenses – You can sleep in peace. We take your security seriously. With blazing fast load times on delivering web pages to choosing between Windows and Linux servers, and heavy security integration, Enhanced Firewall Management and protection against DDoS attacks, you can stop worrying about your web service and stay in peace. Having a lot of experience, livemnc made its way to being listed on the Top WordPress Hosting Providers. We offer all type of hosting Shared, Managed, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud. The company cloud services are cheap and worthy to use.
We have a huge number of Data Centers at Mumbai, Delhi – Noida, Europe, Middle East and UK, and Germany so a great uniformity in high speed is guaranteed with Blazing Fast Load Times. If you are a developer, then Cloud Disaster Recovery is a great option for you. As a developer, you’ll be aware that writing codes is a complicated job and sometimes you may encounter errors which will hard to detect or sometimes an error cause serious damage. So, before implementing any changes in coding, you should take a backup copy which you can use to restore the previous version. Regarding the best cloud hosting provider, livemnc is always before its service and performance.

Advanced Cloud Hosting

Our Data Centers and technical support work 24×7 to give you the best services possible. livemnc offers Best Cloud Hosting Services for 2022 something for everyone. From two cloud hosting plans that leverage the company’s global datacenter presence to a premium service powered by livemnc Cloud Platform, you’re sure to find what you need. As you can probably tell, shopping for cloud hosting is quite a bit different than shopping for other web hosting services.
Whereas shared, virtual, and dedicated servers all reside in roughly the same neighborhood when it comes to features and prices, cloud hosting options fall into a handful of different camps. We offer balances managed services and hardware power with cloud flexibility, a brilliant solution in cloud hosting. The company’s packages include instant provisioning, CloudFlare CDN, built-in backups, and, of course, the reliability of the Heroic Support team.
Livemnc hosting in the list of low cost cloud hosting service providers as Best Scalable Managed Cloud Server its pricing is at the higher end. From our customers experience, We are best as well as cheap cloud hosting service providers with all our features, Pros, and Cons. Cloud hosting allows you to distribute content across an entire network, and as such many of the industry-leading, best web hosting services offer cloud hosting plans. The best cloud hosting removes one of the biggest headaches of traditional hosting too, in that there’s no downtime to worry about.

Cloud-like simplicity and performance

LIVEMNC Data center is a global leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions.
Build Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy with the Simplicity of Hyperconverged Infrastructure. A Cost Effective Way to Provide Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Critical Business Operations. livemnc cloud Computing services that Managing Applications from Beyond the Datacenter.
LIVEMNC cloud is built specifically for sites that need highly-available, autonomous infrastructure that can be deployed almost anywhere. Small, all-flash, NVMe storage-based compute appliance that delivers simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise-ready virtualization.
Time to Replace VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V with livemnc cloud Computing platform. livemnc is being used across the whole organization with a cluster at the corporate office configured for full two-way replication with another cluster at a branch office. This provides complete disaster recovery capability for both sites.
LIVEMNC  is the the Industry’s Lowest cloud Computing Platform Acquisition and Deployment Cost. Are you looking to manage and enable IT applications outside of your central data center? Demand for near-real-time response in critical applications is driving a need to put computing power where it can be best used, at the livemnc of your network.