Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers Of 2022

If you own a business, regardless of the size, web hosting is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Online searching is the norm nowadays, so your business needs a reliable and accessible website for potential clients to find

A good dedicated host will have a major impact on the performance of your website.

Opting for a dedicated server means that you get an entire server to yourself. There’s no sharing of CPU time, RAM or bandwidth, which means your website stays responsive at all times.

Different advantages are guaranteed server resources, complete privacy, and full-access control on your hosting plan. Moreover, dedicated servers’ exhibition works hard for keeping your site predictable and stable.

Dedicated server hosting is a web hosting choice in which an actual server is devoted to a solitary business client. The client has unlimited oversight over the machine so that they can enhance it for their one of kind of necessities, including security and performance. The hosting supplier supplies the actual server and climate, the technical support and associated services.

Dedicated server hosting is inseparable from a dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, and managed hosting service.

How We Chose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Here are other criteria we considered for dedicated server hosting:

Cost and Fees: We looked at entry-level prices, add-on fees and whether a host offers lower pricing for annual payment.

Bandwidth: Unlimited or unmetered bandwidth is nice, but on a dedicated server, there’s typically a limit. It should be generous—at least 5 TB data transfer per month.

Resources: You’re upgrading from shared or virtual hosting servers, so you should see an increase in your storage, RAM, and data transfer allowances. We also considered processors and the number of cores available.

Server Uptime Guarantee: Every web host should offer an uptime guarantee because having your site(s) online is imperative for any business. Downtime equals potentially lost business.

Customer Reviews: Sometimes reviews can be telling, or you take them with a grain of salt. We considered each host’s ratings on several review sites . And we also factored in the number of reviews on each platform.

Server Location: Although not part of the numerical scoring, server location is important. We ensured each host has multiple servers available, even if you can’t choose your preferred server location.

Customer support experience : we contacted with their support to see how fast they respond

Best Dedicated Hosting Services-

 You should Know Before You Choose Dedicated Hosting Services-

Server Uptime Guarantee

Managed vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

What to Know About HDD and SSD-

A classic hard disk drive (HDD) is a mechanical hard drive on which you store files.  However, a solid state drive (SSD) is faster, offers better overall performance and uses less energy and power. So, it comes down to your needs. If you aren’t concerned about speed and want an affordable, large storage option, go with HDD. If price isn’t a concern and you don’t need as much storage, SSD is a better choice.

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The Best Dedicated Hosting Plans

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Mumbai Data Center

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  • High-performance Dedicated Servers

Highperforming Bare Metal Server @ Best Price. Free Setup. Same Day Delivery. Get It Now! Get Full Root Access, 99.99% Power & Network Uptime Guarantee.

Enterprise Grade Servers. Linux & Windows. Full Root Access. Instant Delivery.

Our Dedicated Servers Come with High Memory SSD Storage, New Generation Processors & Tools. New Generation Processors, High Memory Servers, Maximum Performance and More. SignUp Now. No Cost EMI Available. Secure Server. High Speed SSD Storage.

SSD Drive 10x Faster Performance, 100mbps speed, 40 ms latency, Free IP, backup&restore. #1 Best Customer Support India and other locations.

Dedicated servers with high performance computing options are fully customizable for data-intensive workloads. Powerful Compute.

Our highperformance High Grade dedicated servers are optimised to meet the new challenges of converged infrastructures and storage.

Higher processing power for performance: Bare metal and dedicated servers offer higher computing power as they use top-level of hardware.

High Performance Dedicated Servers. High performance is defined as a website or web service that is aimed to be accessed at higher speed and stability.

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Being a leader in the web hosting market in India, livemnc data center promises reliable hosting services at exceptionally low prices. Our Linux HostingLinux Hosting Plans…

Best Linux web hosting plans and services compared suitable for cPanel PHP, html, WordPress, etc. A comparison made it easier to choose the best and cheap linux web hosting india.

SSD Linux VPS Hosting with Full Root Access, Instant Provisioning, Free SSL & Dedicated IP. Go Carefree with Our Fully Managed Linux VPS. Built for Speed, Power & Scalability. Buy it. Datacenter in Mumbai. Instant VPS Provisioning.

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Get Cloud Hosting from India’s #1 hosting provider and serve your website faster. Fully manages cloud servers with advanced caching to handle more traffic.

When it comes to budget no one can beat livemnc web host, They offer the best features in the cheapest price without compromising with the security or service.

Get up to 40% off on one of the best Cloud Hosting in India. livemnc data center’s

Check Cloud Hosting Plans. Get India’s best Cloud Hosting Services, unlimited Bandwidth. Cheapest Indian cloud hosting, optimized for performance, security and reliability. 100% Server Security. 24*7 Technical Support. Cloud Server Hosting comes with ✓SSD Storage ✓Pre-installed cPanel ✓24×7 Support.

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LIVEMNC is a known web hosting company with useful features when it comes to dedicated servers. They offer a managed dedicated hosting

New Generation Processors, High Memory Servers and Maximum Performance. Get Started Today. Full Root Access, Maximum Control, Acronis Backup & Recovery, 24×7 Local Support & More. Server Location India. High Speed SSD Storage.

Blazing Fast Hosting. 24/7/365 Indian Support. Affordable Prices. Free Setup! Enterprise Grade Hardware. Linux & Windows OS. Same Day Delivery.

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Best Dedicated Hosting Plans for 2022

Keep reading or follow the links to learn more about a particular product I’m recommending:

  1. Linux dedicated server— The best overall dedicated hosting plan

livemnc is probably the best cheap dedicated hosting service provider at such low rates with high performance with 99.98% uptime with 24*7 hours support availability.

livemnc is a leading provider of dedicated server hosting and all the other server hosting services in India. Get in touch with Indian Dedicated Servers.

BEST DEDICATED SERVER & HOSTING SERVICES IN INDIA … Are you looking for an affordable and reliable dedicated servers in India to host your critical or heavy application or website.

India’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting · Bare Metal Servers · Full Server Control · Datacenter in India · 99.99% Uptime SLA.

Enterprise Grade Servers. Linux & Windows. Full Root Access. Instant Delivery Get It Now! High-Availiability. Load Balancing & Clusters. Free Setup & Instant Delivery. Signup Now!

Indian Dedicated Servers are ideal hosting options for the online businesses operating in India that take the utmost care of their site’s privacy, security and high performance.

In House Experts to Consult You on Dedicated Server Hosting & Growing Your Presence Online! Dedicated Server Hosting which Gives Ultimate Power, Performance, Security.

  1. Windows dedicated server— The best dedicated web host for small businesses

  1. linux cloud server— The most reliable dedicated hosting
  2. windows cloud server— The fastest dedicated hosting
  3. Web windows vps plan— The best bundle packages for dedicated hosting plans
  4. Linux vps plan— The best dedicated hosting for enterprises and resellers
  5. Bulk mailing plan— The cheapest dedicated hosting plans

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