Top Data Center Service Providers In India 2022

Top Data Center Service Providers 2022 | Top 10 Best Data Center Service Providers in India 2022 –


LIVEMNC Data Center™ is the world’s largest data center & colocation infrastructure provider, enabling fastest application performance, lowest latency. We are India’s First Datacenter with industry best uptime SLA of 99.995% . livemnc is a provider of data center and colocation services with efficient access to top carriers, cloud and IT services providers.

LIVEMNC is supports the Bare Metal Servers and Colocation strategies of globally across its robust, network-rich data center portfolio located in Noida and Indore.

LIVEMNC is best cloud hosting providers in india as well as Asia’s Largest Tier 3 Datacenter with expertise in the areas of Datacenter Management, Colocation, Disaster Recovery, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Hosting, Online Backup and Cloud Services.

Top Colocation Providers in the World 2022Colocation Service Provider in India :

Server Colocation or Colo is a Data Center Service facility where business owners can host and manage their existing infrastructure in best-in-class data center facilities premises Instead of having its own data center or server room on premise. livemnc data center located in India possess advanced fibre optics network, providing lowest latency and highest performance.

Data center colocation service offers the infrastructure (building), cooling, power, bandwidth, physical security, etc. while the clients provide both storage and servers. Besides this, space at a facility is either leased by the room, cage, rack or cabinet. Many colocation data centers today are expanding their portfolio to extend managed services that back their client’s business actively.

Data center infrastructure management software is having an impact on colo providers both internally and externally. Internally, providers use it to improve efficiency and resiliency, as well as to make more informed decisions about their infrastructure, forecasts and billing models.

LIVEMNC is the one of the Top 5 Best Data Center Company in India of 2022 : 10 largest data centres in the world in 2022 :

Data center companies leading the market in 2021 include colocation, cloud computing, data center and infrastructure providers. we are the top 5 Best Data Center Company in India and Data Center Services in 2022.

LIVEMNC Provide Data Center Services in Noida, Delhi … As a best data center provider, we also provide accurate and flexible power supply. Cloud data centers. In this off-premises form of data center, data and applications are hosted by a cloud services provider such as livemnc data center.


Top 10 Data Center Projects Of India In 2022 … Leading provider of information and communication services. this is India’s leading service provider for Datacenter colocation, managed hosting, cloud computing and managed IT services.


Mumbai Data center : Our Mumbai, India Data Center & Colocation Services

The Largest Data Center in Mumbai – Top 10 Data Centers In India 2022 :

Mumbai Data Center is one of the multiple data center locations offered by LIVEMNC with the best features to keep you connected.

We are India’s leading carrier-neutral managed IT services provider and have the largest data center in Mumbai. We can maintain your data center in a cost-effective and timely manner with the support of our qualified and experienced data center professionals.

Our Tier 3 data center offers a full suite of services including private cloud computing, public cloud computing, colocation and web hosting.


Our Mumbai data centre will be delivered by an international design and delivery team alongside our existing centralised and local personnel.


LIVEMNC is an award-winning & India’s most trusted Tier III Data Center Providers. Best Price Gaurantee. 100% Network Uptime. 24×7 Rapid Action Support.

LIVEMNC Data Centers Mumbai is a India’s leading carrier-neutral managed IT services provider and have the largest data center in Mumbai. livemnc Data Center at Mumbai is been built by adhering to world-class Data Center standards. Mumbai is the most preferred destination for cloud players with a 60% share of the occupied space due to its excellent infrastructure support.


Delhi-NCR Data Center –

Datacenter, Delhi NCR : Data Centre Solution In Delhi

Are you searching data center companies in delhi or list of data centers in delhi for the best data center in Delhi? LIVEMNC DATA CENTER IN DELHI NCR offers access to a fully certified, powerful, data center that is the ideal solution to all of your connectivity needs. We are proud to provide the number one data center in India where you can access a wide range of features. livemnc is the Best cloud hosting providers or colocation data center providers in india.

Our enterprise-class Tier-III Data Centers in Delhi & NCR are equipped with state-of-the-art technology ensuring resilient Data Center services in Managed, Colocation, VPS, Cloud Hosting portfolio. We deliver high-performance computing & network capacity.


Our top data center in delhi ncr features convenient access to bandwidth from all major service providers. In addition, rest assured knowing that we provide 24/7 maintenance and operations services including equipment monitoring, project management, and technical support.


LIVEMNC Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India’s datacenter in Delhi NCR provides an ideal hosting environment for businesses and offers a secure facility with multiple bandwidth options.

Our best Delhi ncr Data Center it is powered by the best blend of technology, talent, and security. The abundant power supply, excellent infrastructure, and highly talented population allow us to offer you the robust foundation for all your digital needs. Experience the power of on-demand scalability. Upto 99.995% uptime guaranteed. Migrate to Asia’s largest Grade 3 Data Center and pay for what you consume. LIVEMNC Delhi-NCR data center offers reliable, cost-effective data center solutions that adapt to your business needs. we are the Largest Data Centers in Delhi NCR.

Currently, India’s data centre industry is concentrated in four cities–Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, and Indore, accounting for most of the data centre sites and the IT load capacities. Notably, Mumbai has the highest installed capacity yet.

The primary co-location data center area in India is the country’s largest city, Mumbai, with a population of about 14 million people. The other large cities in India include New Delhi (the capital), Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai and numerous more. LIVEMNC is the Top Data Center In India, Data Center Division is a Leader in the 2020–2021  MarketScape report for colocation and interconnection services.


Europe- Germany Data Center : Largest Data Centers in Germany:

Top Web hosting Providers in Germany 2022 – Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Germany 2022 :

We expand data center footprint in european data center and open new Berlin Cloud region and other locations. We Have Designed Some Of The Most Reliable And Technically Advanced Data Centers In Europe. Our high-performance web hosting, managed servers, cloud servers, dedicated root servers, or colocation services, Our three data center parks in Nuremberg, Germany; Falkenstein,Vogtland, Germany and Helsinki and more…

LIVEMNC count largest company from european in Germany location, We are Top 10 Webhosting companies 2022 and data center companies. we have biggest data center in germany, We own all our network equipment and have staff on-site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Your servers are in safe hands. We maintain data centers in Europe, the US, and Asia, giving you a global presence and low latency to customers worldwide.

Best Cheap and Affordable Germany Web Hosting | Top 10 Data Center Service Providers in India 2022


World’s First Germany based Climate Positive Data Center. Data Center | Colocation | Wholesale | livemnc | Sustainable | Secure | Scalable |  Flexible |  Providing Innovative Design, Offering Flexible Solutions for web hosting in european data center market.


LIVEMNC is Opens New Data Center in Germany· livemnc is the world’s fastest growing cloud infrastructure provider for developers and hosting companies. We have biggest data center in europe, we’re here to give our full support to developers throughout the world by offering a simple, ideal cloud solution and infrastructure experience for hosting applications.


The Number of data centers in europe Germany and the Netherlands are among the best in the world with regard to security and cutting-edge services. Germany Data Center from livemnc Communications offers State-of-the-art Enterprise Colocation, Hosted, Managed & Cloud Services. We Have Designed Some Of The Most Reliable And Technically Advanced Data Centers In Europe.

Secure Tier III Data Centers in Germany and Netherlands – SIM-Networks data centers | Security and safety | Technical support | Uninterrupted connection. Our Best European Germany based data center offers a carrier-neutral network connectivity platform for Cloud, Content, Network and IT providers to deploy their infrastructure. We offer the secure platform on which you can advance your business model.

LIVEMNC global data centers, Data Centers is one of the largest in the world. LIVEMNC is ranked as one of the top three leaders worldwide. Their top cloud service providers in India Colocation and Interconnection Services Market Scape, spanning more than 5 countries and regions including UK, US, Germany and India.

LIVEMNC is The Best Data Center in Germany Europe for There are currently 29 providers and 112 data centers in Germany. This includes 111 colocation facilities, 91 cloud nodes, and 26 disaster recovery and business continuity sites including livemnc.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Germany 2022

Germany is one of Europe’s largest countries, both in terms of size and population, but also in terms of the amount of colocation data centers. Together with United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France, Germany is among the four leading co-location markets.

Over the last 5–9 years, the Germany data center market has grown significantly with the increase in the development of hyperscale data centers, and owing to the implementation of GDPR.

LIVEMNC is building one of the largest data centers in Germany in record time, the German Data Center Market is Segmented by IT Infrastructure Server, Storage, and Network by Electrical Infrastructure UPS, Systems, Generators, Transfer Switches, and Switchgears, by Mechanical Infrastructure Cooling Systems, Rack by Tier Standard Tier I & II, Tier III by Type Enterprise Data Centers, Managed Service Data Center, Colocation Data Center, Cloud Data Center.

German hosting companies providing major global public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google are active in Germany and are planning on investing in newer data center facilities or in using third-party data centers for their expansion plans. Germany is the second largest data center colocation market in Europe, with an estimated revenue of over USD 1.5 billion generated in 2021 from hosting business. we are one of the cheap Web hosting Providers in Germany.

Move your cloud workloads to our Best Web Hosting Companies in Germany 2022, close to your business and under strict GDPR compliance with livemnc.

Cheap Web Hosting Providers in Germany

You can deploy Instances in seconds through our portal or via the API, or automate everything with orchestrators and config management tools as Terraform, Ansible or the like. Your data is kept under strict privacy. Central location and Germany’s strong data privacy laws optimize European data center operations deployment

Virtual Machines with a balanced mix of CPU cores, RAM and SSD local storage, covering a variety of use cases and allowing you to implement your architecture. Our Best Cheap and Affordable Germany Web Hosting plans are help you to achive your bussines goals. Bandwidth is uncapped: there are no imposed limitations, meaning you can take advantage of up to 10Gb for your data transfer.

Managed MySQL databases with a wide range of plans to choose from to best fit your needs and requirements. All databases are encrypted at rest and in transit to guarantee end-to-end security for your data. Scale up easily by seamlessly switching between the offered Managed MySQL plans.

we are top Web hosting Providers in Germany 2022, Germany’s Best Servers are solding into all over the world. We maintain data centers in Europe, the US, and Asia, giving you a global presence and low latency to customers worldwide

This means several advantages. You get a very cost-efficient solution with full access to cloud functionality, offering 100% control over where your data is located, and at the same time you can have your equipment placed in a climate-positive data center. We offer hybrid solutions where you can combine your private cloud with one or more public clouds, we are 2022 Top 10 German Web Hosting providers.


Power :

  • Bilingual personnel (German/English)
  • 24/7 service by qualified personnel
  • Installation work by qualified technicians.


Data Center Security :

All of our facilities are fully secured and include state-of-the-art technology, perimeter security, on-site staff, CCTV, intrusion detection and monitoring procedures.


DDoS Protection :

Our automated system recognizes almost all attack patterns in advance, allowing it to block the attacks and effectively thwart the vast majority of them. It uses the latest hardware applications and sophisticated filter technologies, providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. And all that free of charge.

  • Latest hardware appliances
  • Sophisticated perimeter security technologies
  • Automated system that can protect your web applications, websites, servers, and IT infrastructure
  • Attempted botnet communications thwarted.
  • Our system protects you and your data by utilizing Arbor and Juniper hardware.
  • Data transmission in a DDoS-protected system during an attack.


Bandwidth of 20 Gb/s:

Our installation benefits from a bandwidth of 20 Gb/s, provided through fiber-optic connections to the most important national and international service providers and to the main network access points (NAP).

Data Centre services in Germany. … We operate 15 state-of-the data centres, spanning 9 cities across Europe and Asia Pacific with offering 24/7 support.

We are the Best Data Center in India and you also Get your Dedicated Server in Germany and USA. Dedicated Server Instant delivery 200 Gbit Backbone. 24/7 Support. Services: Hosting worldwide in, in multiple locations. Get more information. 24/7/365 Expert Support.

LIVEMNC is the largest Tier 3 data center and managed services provider . LIVEMNC offers Co-location Services, Managed Services, Infrastructure as a Service, DR Services , Cloud Services , ERP, SAP HANA & Application Hosting Services , Work Area Recovery and mass mailing solutions.

LIVEMNC DATA CENTER Hosts a wide range of solutions like server co-location services, application hosting, managed server facility and web hosting. Their data centers are equipped with world-class technologies along with the best physical security features, enhanced climate control, power backup, and 24/7 monitoring.

LIVEMNC is an award-winning & India’s most trusted Tier III Data Center Best Price guaranteed. 100% Network Uptime. 24×7 Rapid Action Support.

LIVEMNC is 5 Best & Fastest Web Hosting Companies in Germany 2022 our biggest data center in india publishes a leaderboard of the top data center operators based on both data center density and service provider presence, total network fabrics, and total cloud on-ramps within each operated data center across regions. LIVEMNC is the Coolest Data Center Companies in world, we are the world’s largest providers of servers, storage, power and networking data center infrastructure to colocation and public cloud.

World’s Largest Data Center Colocation Providers : Top 5 BEST Data Center Companies | Datacenter Services In 2022 –

Data and applications are hosted by a cloud services provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), or IBM Cloud or other public cloud provider such as a livemnc data center. Colocation hosting options are utilized by businesses of all sizes for a variety of reasons. Small businesses can obtain the needed features of a large IT department without capital investment. Medium to large-sized enterprises can expand their infrastructure capacity without undertaking costly construction or facility leasing.

Top 5 Managed Services & Web Hosting Companies in 2022  Top 5 Colocation Data Center Service Providers in India

The LIVEMNC has created a niche for itself by providing highly secured and top-notch data infrastructure with an aim to deliver “real value for businesses in India. Data Centers are centralized repositories of information. These include server farms and networking equipment that stores, processes, and distributes huge volumes of data for clients. Data centers can offer services like data warehousing, data insights, data storage, etc.

Monitored by the IDC, the Tier-III Data Centre Of LIVEMNC In Mumbai uptime certified and includes top video surveillance systems alongside the latest biometric authentication. With the use of multiple layers of redundancy in fire detection, power systems and suppression, the data centres of LIVEMNC top data centers & service providers worldwide is built to eliminate all failure points. The company specialises in providing personalised managed and administration services.

A data centre is the physical infrastructure that houses critical applications and data. From cloud storage applications support to data backup, networking to hosting websites, data centres play a pivotal role in running the tech-driven modern world.

LIVEMNC is the Top data centers and service providers and One of the leading Data Center Service companies in the Midwest, specializes in flexible cloud environments, colocation hosting. we are counted as India’s largest Tier-3 data center provider. livemnc is awarded for Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022  Offering cloud hosting, colocation, network services for businesses. livemnc is a leading global provider of Cloud Services, Carrier-neutral Tier III data center, Colocation, and Interconnection. Some providers will offer additional services on top of the data center infrastructure, such as build-to-suit centers and green power options.

LIVEMNC is a largest data center companies 2022 hosts a wide range of solutions like server co-location services, application hosting, managed server facility and top data center providers web hosting. Their data centres are equipped with world-class technologies along with the best physical security features, enhanced climate control, power backup, and 24/7 monitoring.

Searching for the top data center providers, colocation providers, cloud service providers, disaster recovery service providers, or telecommunications companies? LIVEMNC DATA CENTER has compiled a list of our top providers for 2022 based on in-depth research and firsthand knowledge and experience working with providers directly.

LIVEMNC DATA CENTER NM1 is a Tier III Data centre located in Delhi, Maharashtra Jaipur, Indore, with top-notch facilities. LIVEMNC is the top data centre providers in world 2022 data centre includes 5060 Racks, 1.4 Design PUE, 1.4 Design PUE and more.

LIVEMNC is count in top data center companies in india 2022 a leading managed data center service and largest data center companies 2022 as auto-scalable cloud solution provider. LIVEMNC is a largest data center solution providers in India is working steadfastly towards establishing a huge customer base. It provides managed data center services, managed cloud solutions, virtualization, and disaster recovery hosting, backed with technical support.

Top 10 Best Data Center Providers In India In 2022 | List of Cloud Service Providers In India 2022

The data centre provides Cloud hosting, Dedicated machine (Bare metal), or Colocation solutions to enterprise clients. It offers a complete, end-to-end suite of custom-built IT network solutions from network architectures to managed cloud and data centre services, security, content delivery (CDN), unified communications (UC), mobility solutions and more. It is a fourth generation super top data centre in India and cloud computing service provider offering world class infrastructure to the enterprises. we provides Cloud Server in Germany, Europe.

They specialise in providing all major digital services, including disaster recovery services, cloud security services, consultation in data centre builds, among others. LIVEMNC also announced its second cloud region in India aimed at extending services to businesses across the public sector, private enterprises, government, and start-ups.

After years of consolidation, LIVEMNC DATA CENTER is largest data center in the world 2022 also colocation providers in the world own about half of the market. The remaining half is extremely fragmented, which means more consolidation will follow. That said, livemnc is the world’s largest data center colocation providers.

Data center is a critical component for any enterprise for hosting their crucial business data and applications. Investing in a top-notch one is the deciding factor that can make all the difference between its success or failure. It’s equally important, if not more than a bank, for secure and successful working of an organization in today’s borderless world. Hence, we have summarized a list of top ten players in the data center space in India.

Managed Services: livemnc offers best managed services that allow the integration of data and applications. This is similar to the office suites that are offered by competitors like Google and Amazon.

Rapid Response Support: Remote hands-on technicians from Digital Realty serve as extensions of the in house team of experts. They help to optimize performance within the data centers. These technicians are especially good at responding to threats. This coverage is given for 24 hours*365 days a year.

Cloud & IDC:  These services include storage options, Virtual Private Clouds, private mail servers & collocation and data migration services.


Colocation:  This includes services like building and operating on-site data centers, disaster recovery, and metered power solutions.


CDN:  This service provides great video streaming capabilities.


Network & IP Services:  Network and IP services include providing high-speed internet connections, and VPNs.

LIVEMNC is a top 10 cloud service providers in 2022 offers an integrated portfolio of data center managed services including co-location, managed hosting, managed services, managed security, managed back-up & storage, virtual compute and cloud along with both domestic and international network connectivity. We provide Cheap Cloud Hosting In India integrated solutions for the housing of IT and network systems. Get choices from small, U-space options to full cabinets or a dedicated suite.

Whether it’s infrastructure, software, applications, services, products, or even an operating system, everything is making its way to the cloud. As a result, billions of dollars are being invested in cloud migration. Cloud computing has multiplied over the past several years. As such businesses are increasingly transitioning to different cloud services.

LIVEMNC cloud platform is LIVEMNC’s cloud. Similar to AWS and Azure, LIVEMNC Cloud also offers similar services in various categories, including compute, storage, identity, security, database, AI and machine learning, virtualization, DevOps and more.

We offer cheap cloud hosting with cpanel, Cloud computing is Web-based computing that allows businesses and individuals to consume computing resources such as virtual machines, databases, processing, memory, services, storage, messaging, events, and pay-as-you-go. Cloud services often improve upon older ones.

Dedicated Server in India – Get the Best Dedicated Server Hosting at LIVEMNC

If you looking for an affordable and reliable dedicated servers in India then help lowest price dedicated server hosting to host your critical or heavy business? livemnc provides you best dedicated servers and hosting services in India in low cost servers that are offered with higher uptime or performance and 24/7 technical in-house support services.

our Affordable Dedicated Server India have designed best packages for you that are fully managed and reliable. You can be fully assured by running your critical applications/websites as our cloud server providers in india server is loaded with loads of features and resources. Our bare metal server hosting servers are able to easily manage your website’s traffic, multiple domains, images with high resolution and videos very easily.

Our Cheap Dedicated Server In India with ultra-fast, reliable, and powerful best windows dedicated server hosting in india servers with 100% uptime near your business target region in India? Then our cheapest dedicated server in India will helpful for you, what your website or application requires. Get Cheap Indian Dedicated Servers with a powerful dedicated server hosting that is two times as fast as any Server hosting you have ever used before at a very lower price. Our cheapest dedicated server hosting plans comes with all the features you need like 100% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, robust protection, etc.

LIVEMNC provides Unlimited Bandwidth.Fully Managed & Unmanaged. Enterprise Grade Servers. Linux & Windows. Full Root Access. Instant Delivery, Tier 3 Data Center. Fully Customized Solutions.

We provide Best Dedicated Server in India at Unbeatable Prices. our bare metal server india provides with Full Root Access and Ready For Virtualization.

Get the freedom to customize storage as required and scale on-demand. Talk or mail to us Now…

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